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Oct 30, 2015
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I don’t even know if the system will let me back track but I’m going to try just so I can officially say “I missed posting on October 30″. I knew it, I did it, and I let it happen.


Oh, well, chalk it up to last minute costume making courtesy of yee old Halloween festivity. Busy as life has been I was up until the wee hours crafting out the Halloween costume (which is awesome but shall remain nameless since I’m all about ambiguity at times like this). It was done by Friday morning, ready for school, but I also spent a portion of Friday night doing work on the hat and the bag.

Typing this post on Saturday afternoon, everything is done and I’m even on my second load of laundry. I have to say though, I cut it close this Halloween! Will need to better plan our time to factor in the time for costume making and unplanned sickies and work load!

At least it’s done and it looks great!

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