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Aug 27, 2013

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Lately, I’ve been on this mango kick. I’ve had everything but the fresh mango (can’t be bothered to deal with the mango peel and the utter fear that I’ll pick one that isn’t ripe enough to consume which will lead to ultimate heart break).

Determined to seek mango perfection, I came across this unassuming bag of President’s Choice Mango chunks. Frozen mango chunks with the peel removed and in bite size pieces, this may just be the answer I’ve been seeking. Mangoes are naturally sweet (unless you pick one that isn’t ripe which would be my luck) so in theory, President’s Choice Mango chunks should be an easy win.

*fingers crossed, fingers crossed*

Product Review: What ingredients are in President’s Choice Mango chunks?

So…what ingredients are in President’s Choice Mango chunks? HA ha…easy: mangoes! That’s it! Compared to the other mango fruit bars I’ve had recently, President’s Choice Mango chunks win by a long shot when it comes to simplicity (obvious but I had to state it given the fact that I am the brainwave that chose to buy those mango fruit bars in the first place). In case you’re wondering, the mangoes for this bag of President’s Choice Mango chunks came from Peru.

*chanting: mangoes, mangoes, mangoes*

Product Review: How do President’s Choice Mango chunks taste?

Since I’m the one with the mango kick, I’m the one that tested President’s Choice Mango chunks. Over the course of the past few weeks, I’ve greatly enjoyed President’s Choice Mango chunks directly frozen and blended and they are DIVINE!

Once upon a time I got the Yonanas machine and decided it would come in super handy for this taste test and boy, was I right! Take a look at the mango concoction I made with my Yonanas machine using nothing but President’s Choice Mango chunks. Looks like mango sorbet, right?


It was sweet and rich, decadent yet consisted of nothing more than mangoes. By far, this ice cold treat was better than any of the other mango fruit bars I’ve tested so far. What’s more, when I was really lazy I decided to just eat the President’s Choice Mango chunks frozen to see how that would be and they certainly disappoint. I let them thaw just a tad and then ate them as is. Still delicious and no machine to wash.

Now, I did a little digging around for some more info on President’s Choice Mango chunks and some did comment that there was too much frost in the bag. I must say, I didn’t experience this with mine. Take a look at the pics and you’ll see: no frost.


It’s not to say you must buy President’s Choice Mango chunks. If you’re good at picking mangoes, I say go for the fresh stuff because fresh is always fantastic. But, if you have moments of pure laziness then I think it’s always good to have President’s Choice Mango chunks as a backup fruit in the freezer. I’m not one to make smoothies at home but I bet you they would taste pretty amazing in a smoothie too. For me, I’m quite happy to eat the mango chunks straight as they are!


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