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Jul 4, 2011
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For the record: Yes, we do eat healthy (all in moderation!)

I was madly typing away one night, doing product review after product review and it suddenly dawned on me that I may be portraying a very unhealthy image of my family. Some blog readers have also asked some very pertinent questions so I decided to set the record straight in case any one might be thinking, “Is this how you eat all the time?!” Here are answers to some FAQs:

Family Philosophy: All in Moderation is Key to Success

As a family, we generally believe most foods can be consumed but we do so in moderation and only after we read the ingredients on the labels. Whenever I go shopping with my daughter, we always read the labels together to find out what ingredients are in the product, what the expiry date is, and whether or not it’s worth purchasing.

On this blog review, you generally see me review more processed items because I’m under the impression that most of you are quite aware of the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables and that balance is the key to healthy eating. I focus on the more processed items (that I find decent enough to at least buy once to try so that I can review it) so that I can give you all an informed product review. That way, next time you go to the grocery store, you may remember my blog review and either decide to buy it or not.

So, what happens to all that food that you buy for reviewing?

Most of the foods we buy get consumed over time but there have been some that we just can’t stomach and have had to throw away in the green bin. Some foods get shared with others who have a different taste palette to ours. Sounds wasteful, yes, in some sense but if I try a product that is hideous and tell you about it, then hopefully in the long run, there will be less waste because more people will be making more informed decisions on what is best to buy for their family.

What’s a typical meal like in your household?

Despite the impression that this site may give you, we eat relatively healthy give or take.  Breakfasts for my daughter will often consist of a carb, milk, and fruit. If she’s having eggs or cheese that morning, then she’s also getting a good dose of protein and of course, she has her vitamin D drops every morning. Lunches and dinners balance each other out to make sure she gets the necessary food groups in a day. There is a carb, protein in the form of meat/tofu/chickpeas, milk, vegetables and fruit. I don’t cook a separate meal for her unless we’re eating leftovers and then she’ll get something fresh but all meals follow the same food philosophy.  Fresh cuts of meat and produce are used whenever possible.

Those food items we review get interjected into this food schedule.

Are there some products you just won’t review?

Yes, there are some products that I just won’t buy no matter how new or exciting they may seem. Chances are very high that you will NOT see any food product from a tin can on this website. The very thought of BPA lined tin cans slowly seeping BPA into my food completely and utterly grosses me out. The health implications of BPA (bisphenol A) are enough to make me stay clear because it’s one thing that I can control. I also will refuse to buy anything that has BHT in it. Sorry, it’s not for me.

Other products I deem unhealthy, in my point of view, also won’t make it onto this website unless I can somehow put a ‘don’t do this, do something healthier’ spin on to it.

Is that really your daughter giving reviews on some of the products?

Yes it is. Sometimes, I’ll ask her while she’s trying a new item. Sometimes, I’ll ask her shortly afterwards. There’s no coaxing of answers. I ask the question, she gives me the answer. I put her answers in quotation marks so you all know she’s saying it, not me.

I ask for her feedback so that she can practice thinking critically about what she’s eating and refining her palette so she can better distinguish the flavours she tastes. It seems to be a good fit with the whole label reading practice we do.

So, what’s next for the website?

Well, right now, as you can see, I’ve been busily building content. There aren’t any ads as of yet but I hope to strategically place some ads on the site to generate some income from this adventure. I promise not to go overboard on the whole ad thing because honestly, crazy blinking ads drive me mad but I do think a few strategic ads on related products might help you to in collecting information for future purchases. Anything I make from this website will go straight into future school funds because after all, as a parent, her well-being comes first!

Okay, so I think that answers all the questions for now. Stay tuned for more updates!



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