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Oct 31, 2016 pic - halloween pumpkin

and the costume for my big kid is DONE with a capital D O N E. At times, I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d get the costume done on time what with the late start, sickies galore, excessive workloads, and general family life. Yet, there it is, completely DONE.

While I won’t tell you what the costume is (you’ll have to email me!), I can tell you that costume making is fun for me, for the kiddie, but also challenges my capacity to be flexible and creative. It’s why I love making the costumes! My kid has never been a fan of the conventional Halloween costume. She’s never been a vampire, ghoul, or witch. She was a monkey once upon a time but that was eons ago before I realized it made more sense to make the costume than buy one.


Well, for one, I make the costumes to beat the unpredictable fall weather patterns. The year my big kid wore her monkey costume happened to be an incredibly hot Halloween. She was one soggy sweaty mess of a monkey.

The best part of costume making is all the brainstorming my big kid and I do to make it all come together. I get to stretch my creative brain cells and she gets to wear something unique and fun which isn’t gory or gross. We embrace all the hiccups along the way and learn to adjust and adapt as we go.

Whether you make the costume or buy one, I’m certainly not the only parent that wants their kids to have a memorable and fun Halloween. So, on this big fun day, make sure you take a read at the “lucky 13” guidelines from the FDA, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Have a wonderful night, be sure, be visible, and take care!

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