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Nov 4, 2015 pic - kids 2015

If you’re a parent, chances are, you’ve got leftover fabric or craft scraps from past art activities. We have plenty of them. From bits of fabric to bits of craft foam, we’ve got a ton of odds and ends. Some are leftover from past Halloween costumes while others bits are from past art activities. Instead of tossing them out, I usually leave them in one giant grab bag because you never know when inspiration hits.

Case in point: how about using some of those old scraps to make new clothing or accessories for your child’s stuffed animals? Take a look at this fella sporting a fancy new red vest. pic - kids 2015

That vest is nothing more than an almond shaped piece of red fabric with 2 snips to act as sleeves.

Ah, but what if said fella wanted some much needed exercise? Why not give him a yoga mat courtesy of a small rectangular piece of purple craft foam? pic - kids 2015

Add a little snip to a little green circle piece of craft foam, insert the purple ‘yoga mat’ and he’s all ready to go! pic - kids 2015

If we had tossed out all those bits and pieces, none of this would have been possible and we would have missed out on a lot of giggles and fun times. The big kid and I go through spurts where we’ll just dig through the grab bag to see what we can create. We both get a kick out of these spontaneous moments. Neither one of us has any idea what we’ll come up with. Sometimes, we’ll just snip away and see what happens. Other times, we see a piece of fabric and know exactly what we’ll do with it. With a few quick snips, maybe a ribbon or two, and a little ingenuity, we create masterpieces that you just can’t buy in the store.

Things to do: create a grab bag for your home. Instead of tossing out those odds and ends, see what else you can create. Tap into your creative side, role model for your child, be spontaneous, and just have fun!

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