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Aug 23, 2015 - mushroomsI am a big mushroom fan. The big kid also happens to love mushrooms. On this particular occasion, we decided to have a quick and easy dinner with leftover steak, mushrooms, a carton of mushroom soup (I know, not the best choice but at least it wasn’t in a tin can), and some penne pasta.

That was the plan. It was a hot and muggy day and we wanted a decent meal at home that wouldn’t require too much effort (ergo the carton of mushroom soup).

As luck would have it, we get to the grocery store and THE MUSHROOM SOUP IS GONE! I guess a bunch of other families had the same idea we had because that store shelf was EMPTY.

So…I stood there pondering with my big kid and together we decided, why not buy 2 packs of mushrooms (instead of 1) and go ahead with the meal plan? Maybe it wouldn’t be the same as a carton of mushroom soup but hey, it would still taste good because really how can you go wrong with 2 packs of mushrooms?

Long story short: my adorable big kid proclaims this mushroom steak pasta to be better than any other mushroom steak pasta we’ve ever made using mushroom soup! Not only did buying 2 packs of mushrooms cost us less but my daughter actually said it tasted better and I had to agree. The true flavour of the mushrooms sang through the dish without being masked by the heaviness of the mushroom soup. - mushroomsLesson learned: sometimes the ‘easy’ way isn’t always ‘easy’ or better. It didn’t take me any longer to cut up an extra container of mushrooms. The end result was tastier and healthier. I mean, can it get any better than that?

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