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Mar 8, 2015 - foods alive dominican raw cocao powder

I’m tired, I’m exhausted, and I’m convinced the Zzzs are going to win this round. My friend suggests we make hot chocolate. This is not your average hot chocolate. She wants to make hot chocolate using organic raw cocoa powder, good honey that she got from a friend’s farm, and some almond milk.

I agreed and boy, am I glad I did.

Given that I am on the lazy side, you know I’m going looking to put in the least amount of effort possible. I didn’t really feel like hot chocolate so I decided to use the exact same ingredients to make some chocolate almond milk.

Take a look at the two drinks we made. She made the hot chocolate on the right.  I made the chocolate almond milk on the left. Both were made with the same ingredients and the same proportions. The only difference was the temperature of the almond milk. - foods alive dominican raw cocao powder

My friend warmed up her almond milk. She added cocoa powder to a small amount of milk and mixed it all together until it was well combined. She then added the remaining warm almond milk and swirled in a spoon of honey at the very end. Her hot chocolate looked rich and decadent. I snuck a sip and it tasted better than any hot chocolate I’ve ever had and it didn’t even have any whipped cream!

I on the other hand, didn’t warm up the milk. I mixed a small amount of milk with cocoa powder and it took me a little longer to get the two to marry. You can tell it isn’t as well incorporated as her hot chocolate. After that, I added the rest of my cold almond milk and honey. It took about the same time as she did but the end result was significantly different. I take a sip and it takes just like a super yummy glass of chocolate almond milk.

Talk about a great science experiment to do with children! Exact same ingredients, the only difference is temperature leading to two completely different end results.

The best part is: both are equally delicious.

Today’s post is dedicated to ‘M’. I still dream about both the hot chocolate and chocolate almond milk. Dare I say both taste better than coffee?

In case you’re wondering, here’s the organic raw cocoa powder that she used: - foods alive dominican raw cocao powder

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