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Dec 15, 2016 - pic-fall-leaves-2016

Oh the weather outside is…well, white.  It’s December 15 and we’ve had our first real snowfall. I like all the fluffy white stuff. Snow always makes the day seem brighter and it certainly cheers me up despite the cold wintry chill. Snow is magical until it starts to melt and turns into a dismal grey brown mess. It can’t be helped but it sure is beautiful and zen while the fluffiness lasts.

There are 10 days left before Christmas and I’m nowhere near ready. There are presents to buy, cookies to bake (a mountainous feat all on its own), and I’m determined not to be overwhelmed by this tickle in my throat. I am NOT getting sick. The tree is up but there are no decorations on it yet. I still have 10 days, right?

Plenty of time…


Given that my brain isn’t quite up to par today, I’ve asked my big kid to pinch hit and help me out with the rest of this post. Passing the baton off to Jenny:

First of all, why is it a baton and not a chicken bone? Yes, that’s me, Jenny. Winter is very nice. Here are some completely useless but fun things to do during the winter:

Number 1: Slide down a hill on your knees. Best to wear your snow pants or your knees will get all weird and clammy looking.

Number 2: Shovel your driveway, not completely useless but not exactly fun. It’d be more fun if you dyed the snow green but you probably wouldn’t use all that food colouring to dye your driveway green. pic - winter spring 2015

Number 3: Go on your computer and type gibberish. Example: fjwe;aoirtuhg;lasjkdfl;aj. There, perfect. Pure gibberish. It’s fun, creative, and completely useless but fun!

Number 4: Go on your computer and type gibberish. NO, wait. I did that already. How about catching snowflakes with your tongue? Just don’t dive too close to the ground and scrape your tongue. That would hurt. I knew someone who did that…NO, just kidding!

Number 5: Go sledding. This is a notch higher than sliding down the hill on your knees and may be a bit safer so your knees won’t get completely bonked and clammy. Note: number 1 and 5 require snow. If you’re sledding on a sidewalk, it’s pretty much pointless.

Number 6: Decorate your Christmas tree. We still need to do that. (It WILL get done.) pic - christmas

Number 7: Have a snowball fight. Just don’t throw the snowballs too hard and use snow, don’t use rocks. Or, pine cones. Or, your dad’s antique desk.

Number 8: Watch a movie. A good choice would be “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” or “Elf”.

Number 9: Tell a joke. Pick a good joke, not one like “What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor?” ‘Where’s my tractor?’ pic - snow 2014

Number 10: Bake some cookies. If you want, you can use and knife and make cool shapes like glasses, ears, lips, figs. Yes, I said figs.

Well, that’s 10 things you can do during the winter. Passing the chicken bone back to my mom.

Thanks, daughter! You can see, she’s quite the hilarious creative writer, much better than what I could have come up with today. pic - kids 2015

Today’s post is dedicated to all our readers at As the weather gets colder and winter comes into full effect, we hope you’re all embracing each day for all its worth. Embrace the ups and downs, the ‘oh no…I forgot’ moments (which according to my daughter I’ve had a lot of!) to the ‘OH NOOOOO…’ (thankfully, I’ve had fewer of these) but most importantly take the time to appreciate what matters most to you.

Reminder: this post was written by and for only and reflects the opinion of one wee small family. If you see this post anywhere else except on my site at, know that I have not consented to having any part of this post (or this website for that matter), to be re-produced, copied, or re-printed anywhere else. Practice ethical posting!

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