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Feb 14, 2016 pic - pipecleaner flower

Well, look at that, it’s Valentine’s Day 2016. What are you doing today? Thankfully, it’s Sunday so I get to sleep in a bit, have breakfast a little later with the family, and spend some quality time just hanging out with the people I love.

I’m not a big fan of roses or chocolates (never have, never will). To me, they just seem so unnecessary. Give me some good food and kindness and that’s all I really need.Kindness and good food go a long way especially if it’s sincere. Being good to someone else also shouldn’t just happen on Feb. 14. I mean, really, what is THAT?

Every day should be a day to celebrate those around us and it shouldn’t cost a million dollars to do so. It’s in the little gestures we do for one another, the smiles, the hugs, kind words, a spontaneous chocolate chip cookie paired with a favourite hot green tea. Yep, that’s love at its finest.

So, on a day like today, I am particularly grateful for my loved ones.

Things to do: cherish your loved ones each and every day. You can just jazz up the appreciation a bit more today, maybe 2 chocolate chip cookies instead of one? 🙂

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