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Feb 20, 2015 - chima lavals royal fighterCopyright© 2015 All Rights Reserved.

Today my big kid and I watched our first episode of Lego Chima, Legends of Chima. It was a random episode and we sort of understood the plot but we spent most of our time becoming acquainted with all the different characters.

In this episode, we saw Laval, Flinx, Lavertus, the Phoenix tribe, Mungus, the ‘horned heads’, Cragger, and a number of other Lego Chima characters. It was fascinating to see them all come to life and to see the storyline unfold.

After the episode was done, my big kid spent quite a long time digesting what we watched. We talked about the different plotlines, noted that Laval and Cragger are friends in this episode but that in the past they had been friends but then became enemies, and laughed at how funny Lavertus was….or is he? (you may not understand that last comment unless you know Lavertus and that he often ends his statements with comments like “or am I?” “or did I?”). There was a lot of discussion, from the voices and personalities of each character to the actual timeline of the story.

Later on this evening, my big kid made the following comment, “But I think this is the only episode I’m going to watch.”

Puzzled, I asked why.

Her response, without pause, “Because it controls the way you play…like if you watch the show then it controls how you play because you may want to make Furty a good guy but if you’ve watched him being a bad guy, you’ll always think of that in the back of your mind.”

I was stunned, amazed, and so proud. I completely understood what she meant and she was right. I commended her on this very pertinent observation and agreed that we wouldn’t watch any more Legends of Chima episodes because she was right. By watching them, how we played with her Chima toys would be limited because we’d inevitably have their storyline, character traits, voices, and whatever we saw, linked to our gameplay. - chima lavals royal fighterI told her I’d write a post about this moment and she asked me what I’d title it to which I replied, “Because it controls the way you play…” She agreed that it was a good title and even liked the idea of including the “…” as part of the title.

Point of today’s post: give a child the freedom to think and form independent thoughts. In this one small moment, my big kid took a stand for creativity. She may not have said it in those exact words but there’s no denying the power of her observation.

Things to do: continue to encourage children to form independent thoughts and opinions. You may be surprised at what they discover.


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