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May 3, 2012

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Back In Stock! LeapPad Tablets Available at Indigo

Here comes another feature site that I have to tell you all about. Many of you will know the Indigo chain of bookstores for its great selection of books but what I truly love about Indigo is its online shopping site. If you’ve been to an Indigo bookstore recently, you’ll know they’ve revamped their Kids section to include more toys with a larger selection but nothing compares to the massive number of options that are available in their online store.

Does the Indigo online store take time to navigate? Oh, absolutely but what I’ll often do is either go through the clearance section or search by price point. Depending on who I’m buying for, I might select a certain price point and then narrow my search by the approximate age of the child. Boy oh boy, I’ve found a ton of great toys online and free shipping is so easy because all you need is spend $25. I usually will get a few toys and stock them up for upcoming birthday gifts and then, before you know it, they’re at my doorstep.

I still remember a recent Lego sale that Indigo had. I scored a ton of great Lego products online but the in-store selection was disappointing and I picked up nothing in the store. Thus, when in doubt, I always turn to the online Indigo shopping site. So, if you have a spare moment or you’re looking for a much needed gift for a child, consider checking out the Indigo bookstore online site. Simply click on the link provided and enjoy! Free Shipping On Orders Over $25

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