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Nov 12, 2013

IndigoKids' One Day Deals: 2 Great Deals Every Day, 5 Days Only! Visit to save! Nov. 11-15

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As if it wasn’t obvious that Christmas is just around the corner (personally, I’m sure we just only finished Halloween yesterday but that’s just me), you know it’s about to hit you right between the eyes when you start to see all the holiday wheels and deals.

If you’re looking and browsing around for holiday gifts, this week might be a good one to check out the website. Personally, I’ve always relied on to get goodies for the kids I know because the gifts arrive at my door without me having to navigate the busy shopping malls. There are usually some pretty great deals if I keep my eyes open. This week however, the deals are sweeter because there are more options with 2 deals every day.

Perfect example: today’s deal is 30% off Playmobil products and $10 for the Geronimo Stilton books from the Kingdom of Fantasy eeries. Playmobil is rarely offered at 30% and bigger kids may just like those quirky GS books.

In any case, more deals are on the way. I won’t put the new link on the right because they’re too wide and don’t fit (go figure!). Be sure to visit daily because the deals are constantly changing (looks like some Lego products are on the way!

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