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Oct 6, 2015 pic - kids creativity 2015

Open a package of something or another and there’s usually junk left over. What do you DO with that junk? Most of it ends up in recycling but sometimes, just sometimes, it gets put to really good use.

Take this piece. I don’t even know what it’s called. I think it’s made out of foam? I have no idea but it was there and I was about to dispose of it. Right at that moment, the big kid stops me in my tracks and asks if she can keep it. Of course, I had to ask, “Why?”

Her response: “Because I want to play with it.”

And that’s exactly what she did.

Fast forward a few weeks and this thing is still in our home but it’s no longer just a piece of scrap from the world of packaging. No, it’s so much more. Here it is: the perfect sled for a couple of well loved stuffed animals. pic - kids creativity 2015

Since then, this foam piece has been put turned in to a million different things. It’s been turned into a roller coaster, a display stand, and so much more. It may just be a piece of foam used in the packaging process but it also happens to be completely open ended. It lends itself perfectly to a child’s creative side.

Who knew all that could happen with something I almost tossed?

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