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Jul 8, 2015 pic - pancake dog

There we were chomping away at our breakfast. It was a pancake feast! Pancakes are super easy to make and are always comforting.

As we continued to chew away, the big kid exclaims, “Hey mom, look!” and shows me her half chewed pancake.

Do you see it?

What first appears to be a half chewed pancake actually resembles the silhouette of a little dog (or so my big kid envisioned). I couldn’t see it from my angle so she adjusted her fork and this is what I saw. pic - pancake dog

Ah…I do believe I see it now.

You see, that’s the beauty of creativity.

Truth be told, I’ve never been one to appreciate the art that sits in art galleries around the world. I don’t understand why they’re so valuable when children seem to produce masterpieces on a daily basis. In this one moment, I’m reminded of how creative young children are. They see the world with open eyes and an open mindset. They often see more than what we adults do because their minds aren’t preoccupied with conforming or with the daily grind of ‘to do’s.

Left side of the brain says: it’s a pancake.
The right side quickly challenges with a ‘hey wait a minute! Take a look. NO, take a closer look. That pancake looks like a little dog. See see??’

Use both sides of the brain and you truly have a masterpiece.

Now that’s something you can’t get at your local art gallery (according to humble little me, of course).

Things to do: given that today is Wednesday and Friday seems so incredibly far away, I think today is the perfect day to channel our inner creativity. See the world beyond the obvious. Take time to laugh, take time to ponder, and most importantly, be creative!

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