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Nov 22, 2014 pic - face in pitaCopyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Update: December 20, 2014 p.s. it’s not melted cheese but cream cheese frosting.

I’m happily chomping away at my pita, not a care in the world. Hey, it’s food and I like food, a lot. Next thing you know, my daughter points it out.

Do you see it?

There it is amidst my melted cheese topping is a very cheesy looking face. No longer is it just a piece of pita. It’s at this point in time that my big kid insists that I go and grab the camera to take a photo for I’m instructed to include it among the ‘Creativity is Everywhere’ posts.

So, here I am.

Why bother with this you ask? Well, moments like these are a great opportunity for my big kid to exert her creative right brain. She makes a divergent observation and then her left brain kicks in and she’s got a plan.

You see, that’s the beauty of the big brain. Give it a chance to flourish and watch it go to work. Our family has always encouraged creative thinking, to be open minded, to think of alternative options, but more importantly to provide the environment for divergent thinking to take place.

Let’s face it, the world is just getting more and more complex and we want our children to grow up as fully functional independent thinkers. While it’s extremely valuable to know facts like red + yellow = orange and that a square has 4 equal sides, it’s equally important to have the creative thought process to then do something with that orange colour maybe even combine it with the square somehow. Ultimately, it’s that blend of left brain right brain functioning that will make the biggest impact for our children.

Things to Do: encourage your child’s creativity using everyday moments and materials.


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