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Jan 3, 2015 pic - pigCopyright© 2015 All Rights Reserved.

Sometimes, bread is just bread. Other times, it’s toast. Add some eggs, milk, cinnamon and you’ve got yourself some French toast. Sometimes though, bread is so much more than bread.

There we were eating breakfast and suddenly the hubby exclaims, “Hey, look. A pig!”

Sure enough, there it was. My big kid thought it was hilarious and made sure I took a photo to post it on

Do you see the little piggy?  Hilarious isn’t it that a few random bites into a slice of toast could lead to this creation complete with ears, snout, and little legs. Of course, it also took an observant creative hubby who took the time to point out the observation. We then took the time as a family to make more observations, laugh a bit and extend our time at the breakfast table before moving on to other events.

Imagine how different this would have all turned out if we were in a rush? Likely, the hubby would have polished off the toast in 30 seconds, we would have missed this opportunity and our breakfast would have been just like all the other ones. Sure, we have our regular laughs and conversation but it’s not like a pig shows up every day (I could probably insert a really rude joke right about now which I’m going to refrain from doing).

Things to do: slow down and take a moment to be in the moment. You never know what you could be missing. Oink!


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