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Jun 15, 2015 pic - polar bear

You may or may not see it. Not everyone does. We all see things from different angles and different perspectives. So, what do you see?

Do you see a chunk of half eaten pita bread?

Yep, that’s what I saw at first too. Then, my big kid pointed out that said pita bread resembled a particular object. She then flipped it upside down and said it resembled another object. I asked her to do a little snippet for our site. Here’s what she had to say:

Hello, I’m Jenny from I’m here to talk about 2 pictures. One looks like a polar bear and one looks like the Titanic. I was eating pita bread and then I looked and I saw that one piece looked like a polar bear. So I turned it upside down and then I saw that it looked like the Titanic. pic - titanic

So matter of fact and yet the mental processes involved are complex and brilliant.

I mean, how do you suddenly decide you’ve seen the Titanic in your pita bread or a polar bear for that matter? Where did the inspiration come from? Why doesn’t the pita bread just look like pita bread?

The inspiration to see the Titanic and the polar bear came from one of the myriad books that my big kid has read over the years. I can’t remember which one but I feel like it was either a Big Nate book or a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. So, you have the inspiration but that still doesn’t mean every single thing you come across will resemble a polar bear or a ship.

That means your brain must have that information stored and then somewhere along the way, information is gathered, and an association is made between two random events. Mix in a little creativity and you get an ‘AHA’ moment. Boom! Pita bread becomes ship and polar bear.

Lesson learned: what at first seems like your usual big kid discovery is actually a reflection of a big brain very busy at work.

Things to do: take time to listen to the observations and discoveries your child makes. You might be surprised at all the brain work taking place behind the scenes!

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