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Jul 7, 2017 pic - pikelets

Pikelets, who doesn’t love them? These little Australian pancakes are a current fave in our home so it should come as no surprise that they frequent our breakfast table.

This however, was an interesting surprise.

Do you see it?

There we were eating our pikelets when my big kid noticed this one pikelet in particular and she calls out, “Hey look mom, this looks like a gigantic tree!” I take a closer look and she’s right. There it is, right there, limbs and trunk in all its magnificent glory. pic - pikelets

I love moments like this where the creativity and divergent thinking peaks unexpectedly. When we allow children to think outside the box, to not be limited by restrictive definitions alone, we are often surprised by the observations they make.

Yes, it’s only one pikelet and yes, it may look like a tree but it’s about so much more than that. It’s about the eyes+brain+individual thinking suddenly making an observation of something outside of the norm and that something happens to be wonderfully intriguing, enough to call someone else’s attention to make the same observation and all that is done within a few milliseconds. It’s also about a shared moment between family that isn’t defined by money or bright lights and a moment to glimpse into the inner workings of a child’s creativity.

Gosh, we should eat pikelets more often!

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