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Nov 30, 2017 - pc matcha green tea cheesecake

Have you ever seen this product on the shelf before? Matcha green tea cheesecake?

Huh? What?

This came to me courtesy of my adorable neighbour who regularly shares goodies with me. One time she made this delectable kale and quinoa salad – I ate the entire bowl for breakfast, no joke! I totally have to try and make some one day.

Anyhoo, I get a text from one fine evening and she shares this PC Matcha Green Tea cheesecake with me. Curious, I decided to take a slice. A closer look at the box told me this cheesecake also came with a coconut and cookie crumb crust. I like coconut so I was really hoping this would be a tasty treat.

Cut to the part where I ate the PC Matcha Green Tea cheesecake and well, it wasn’t what I expected. - pc matcha green tea cheesecake

I was hoping for a nice comforting slice of cheesecake, decadent mildly sweet cheesecake immersed with notes of matcha. Did I taste the matcha? I have no idea. It might have been there but the cheesecake was far too sweet for me to appreciate the more subtle notes that matcha is often known for and while the coconut cookie crumb crust was there, I found it a bit too soggy for my liking. Again, it was too sweet which really didn’t do the coconut justice.

Sigh, sugar is so overrated sometimes.

So, what ingredients are in the PC Matcha Green Tea cheesecake?

Let’s take a look at the ingredients that went into this PC Matcha Green Tea cheesecake: cream cheese (milk, cream, bacterial culture, salt, carob bean gum and/or xanthan gum and/or guar gum), vanilla cookie crumb (enriched wheat flour, sugar, soybean and/or palm oil, corn syrup, salt, vanilla extract), sugar, water, liquid whole egg, sour cream (milk ingredients, bacterial culture, microbial enzyme), modified palm oil, toasted coconut flakes (coconut, sugar, dextrose, salt), enriched wheat flour, modified corn starch, green tea powder, vanilla extract, natural flavour, soybean oil, soy lecithin. - pc matcha green tea cheesecake

Well, that’s quite the detailed list, isn’t it?

Odd, I honestly expected sugar to be the first ingredient on the list given how sweet it tasted to my palate so I was pleasantly surprised to see cream cheese right up there at the forefront. Sugar does appear in a number of different forms, as corn syrup, dextrose, and of course, sugar.

The Nutrition Facts label certainly offers more information. If I were to eat 1/6 of the cheesecake or 100grams of it, I’d be consuming 20grams (or 5 teaspoons of sugar) and 31% of your daily intake of fat. - pc matcha green tea cheesecake

I mean, I understand that a cheesecake packs a certain set of numbers so if you’re going to eat it, you should really really enjoy it. Otherwise, what’s the point of eating it?

Final Thoughts?

Do I have any final thoughts? Maybe, I’m not sure? The PC Matcha Green Tea cheesecake is a decent treat if you like sweet stuff. I guess I just wished I could taste the matcha more and that it wasn’t so overpowered by the sugar. - pc matcha green tea cheesecake

What I do appreciate however, is my neighbour whom I adore and have adored for eons. She’s ever thoughtful and just brightens my neighbourhood. For Halloween, she even gave me a sparkly hand decorated pumpkin, just because. So, beyond the cheesecake, perhaps what I cherish more is the time I was able to spend with my neighbour. The laughs and jokes we shared, now that’s priceless.

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