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Nov 28, 2015 - plus plus

Hi, I’m back. Can you guess who I am? Am I Joe? Am I Bob? No! I’m Jenny!! I’m posting about a cool toy called Plus-Plus. They are these interlocking blocks that are the same shape but can make so many different things. - plus plus

You can make 3D objects or 2D objects and you can put them together to make things like this cool person like I did. - plus plus

When you make 3D things, you just build upwards and they’ll all eventually connect to make something 3D. I’ve made so many structures like a basketball net so I can shoot little balls of paper towel through it, a pirate ship, and even a heart to give to my mom for Mother’s Day. I’ve made a flower garden that just barely stands up. - plus plus

I’ve also made an emoji that looks like a blockhead and I’m going to make a Minecraft guy one day. - plus plus

I like these Plus-Plus blocks because you can make so many different objects with them. My mom wanted to make a hamburger but she hasn’t figured that out yet. She keeps trying to make it one giant block but I told her she should try making separate pieces to make it easier. She could then stack them together. She likes these blocks because they’re easy to snap together and you can get your shape in a few minutes. It’s not too hard to make 3D objects because you just really have to stack them. I like these because they allow me to be creative. Even though all the pieces are the same size and shape, the objects you make always come out different (unless you want them to be the same). - plus plus

Well, that’s it for now folkies but be good and come back and read next time. My mom will be posting another day. Hope you’re getting ready for the holidays. My mom had a little tinsel problem. She kind of got tangled while decorating the tree. You’re probably thinking, “you’ve got the tree, already?!” but that’s another story. Anyway, bye for now! pic - kid picJoe.

Ha ha, got you there again.

Bye now, Jenny.

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