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May 18, 2015 - klutz twisted critters pipe cleaner book

Today I’m letting my big kid, Jenny, take over on the product reviews. Read on to find out what she thinks about this Twisted Critters book from the folks at Klutz. Why do it all myself when she’s perfectly capable of it too? Take it away, Jenny!


Hi, I’m Jenny from and today I’m posting about a book that I have called Klutz Twisted Critters Pipe Cleaner Book. It is a cool book and you can do many pipe cleaner things with it.


Product Review: What do you get with the Klutz Twisted Critters Pipe Cleaner Book

It comes with a bunch of different pipe cleaners, a thin one, a normal one, a twisty one, very puffy ones, a striped one, and the instructions are also very simple. - Klutz Twisted Critters Pipe Cleaner Book

In the beginning, I made a bunch of fruits and vegetables. I made a grape, banana, hot pepper, and a carrot. - Klutz Twisted Critters Pipe Cleaner Book

To make the banana, all you have to do is fold down the two ends of a cut pipe cleaner and coil a yellow pipe cleaner. Then, stick the brown through the yellow’s middle. Does that even make sense? 🙂

To make the chili pepper, you use a little bit of a cut green pipe cleaner to make a squiggly thing and then coil a red and thread the green through the red. If that doesn’t make sense, try to figure out what it means.

To make a carrot, you use another small piece of cut green pipe cleaner to thread it through the top of an orange coil.

Lastly, to make a grape, you make a little green do hickie and thread it through a purple bundle. You can also make them different colours! - Klutz Twisted Critters Pipe Cleaner Book

The kit comes with instructions on how to make animals too. - Klutz Twisted Critters Pipe Cleaner Book

I made a mouse.To make this little tiny peep peep mouse, you have to take 2 white pipe cleaners and you bundle them. After that, you take a pink pipe cleaner – take the end and fold it up to itself. Then, you shove it through both bundles to string them together and your fold becomes a nose. You can coil the end to make a tail. For the ears, you need to take a small little bit of a pipe cleaner and coil the ends. You push the little U shaped pipe cleaner between the head and the body bundles. Now you can use the marker to make eyeballs and you’re done! - Klutz Twisted Critters Pipe Cleaner Book

This set also comes with a ruler to help you measure your pipe cleaners to cut them to the exact length and different tips to help you connect and bundle your pipe cleaners and much more. - Klutz Twisted Critters Pipe Cleaner Book

Look, I even made a bumble bee! - Klutz Twisted Critters Pipe Cleaner Book



So, if you know someone who likes to make things and is very creative, you might want to get this set for them. I had a lot of fun making the creatures. You don’t have to follow the colours. You can make whatever you want. You can even make a purple red penguin if you’d like to. You can also buy more pipe cleaners so you can keep building if you run out of pipe cleaners! I give this Klutz Twisted Critters Pipe Cleaner Book a B+! - Klutz Twisted Critters Pipe Cleaner Book

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p.s. In case you’re interested, here’s where you can buy it!

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