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Feb 26, 2015 - klutz mini pom pom petsCopyright© 2015 All Rights Reserved.

Cute, cuddly, soft, and adorable. That pretty much sums up this Klutz Mini Pom Pom Pets kit. This Klutz Mini Pom Pom Pets is a great little gift for a big kid who loves to read and create. It’s just tough enough to keep them motivated and simple enough to make one pom pom pet in a short time frame. There are ups and downs but overall, the Klutz Mini Pom Pom Pets is a pretty fun gift for any big kid.

Oh so I thought.

Fair warning, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Toy review: what do you get in the Klutz Mini Pom Pom Pets kit?

Let’s start with the basics. This Klutz Mini Pom Pom Pets kit comes with a decent amount of supplies. According to the packaging, you have more than enough yarn to make at least a dozen pets (note: I’m not quoting the packaging exactly since it doesn’t factor in how many mistakes you might make along the way). It comes with little cut outs and beads that you can attach to your finished pom poms to make them more critter like. There’s a beautiful guide book to follow, a measuring tape, glue and a ‘blush marker’, so at first glance, you think you’re ready to rumble. - klutz mini pom pom pets

Except you’re not. You still have to grab a dinner fork to make the pom poms.

So, now you’re thinking that you’re ready, right?

Well…that depends.

Toy Review: So about those pom poms….

At the time of this review, my big kid and I have made about 3 pom poms and that’s as far as we got. We have since moved on to other adventures.

Our first attempt was to make a basic pink pom pom. We measured the accurate amount of pink yarn to make the pom pom. Okay, that was the easy part. - klutz mini pom pom pets

Next, we draped the smaller piece of pink yarn in between the fork prongs. While we held it in place with one hand, we used the other hand to carefully wrap the longer pink yarn around the fork. Again, sounds simple but takes a lot of dexterity and can be initially frustrating for children. - klutz mini pom pom pets

When all is said and done, there were a few intricate steps that had to be followed to a T to successfully remove the yarn off the fork and turn it into a pom pom.

Well, that’s when disaster struck the first time. I don’t know what we did but somehow the two different yarn pieces were disconnected so we had to start over again. Frustrated but still excited to make a pom pom pet, my daughter and I tried again. This time, the hubby was called in as an extra pair of eyes to make sure we followed every step correctly. - klutz mini pom pom pets

This time: success. We made the pom pom, gave it a trim and the end result was a perfect little pink pom pom. - klutz mini pom pom pets


Fast forward to our second attempt at making a pom pom pet and this time, we decide to try and make a little fish. We followed the steps exactly but this time, we must have made another vital mistake somewhere along the way because we made the pom pom only to have it come apart. - klutz mini pom pom pets

With little bits of yarn everywhere, my kid is crushed but I’m determined not to be defeated by a craft kit. I think creatively and grabbed a few Rainbow Loom elastic bands. We made little bundles of orange yarn and then bundled all the little bundles together with orange yarn to form a pom pom. - klutz mini pom pom pets

Did our orange pom pom look as good as our first pink pom pom? NOPE, but at least we didn’t have scattered bits of orange yarn all over our floor. Learning an important lesson that you can indeed make lemonade, my big kid then proceeded to add the necessary fixings to turn that wee little orange pom pom into a fish.

Did she like the final product? Yep. She adores that little orange fish and to this day it sits on her desk.

What about that third pom pom attempt?

Funny you should ask because I was just about to mention our third pom pom attempt. My daughter and I were still determined to figure this whole pom pom making thing out but we hit an obvious snag.

As you start to make your pom poms, your inventory of yarn quickly starts to dwindle given that each pom pom takes quite a few yards to complete. Make an adult size pet and it requires double the amount of yarn. My big kid then had some very difficult decisions to make. Noticing that her pile of yarn was vanishing, she couldn’t decide what pet to make next. Using a specific yarn colour to make one pet did mean that there might not be enough to make a different one of the same colour. - klutz mini pom pom pets

After much hemming and hawing, we decided to make a third pet which was successful but did fall apart and required my Rainbow Loom magic to make it whole. My big kid adores this pom pom pet equally but since then, we haven’t touched the kit at all. I never even got around to taking a photo of it so all you get to see is another pic of our little fish pom pom.

Verdict: Why haven’t you used the Klutz Mini Pom Pom Pets kit since then?

Well, there are a number of different reasons why we haven’t used the Klutz Mini Pom Pom Pets kit since that third pom pom. For one, we just haven’t had time and when we do have time, we’ve done other things.

That then leads me to my next point: if the Klutz Mini Pom Pom Pets kit was a little more rewarding and a little less frustrating, we probably would have gone back to make more pets. Granted, we’re not overly crafty people but the folks at Klutz might want to consider a failsafe for people like us. There must be a step we’re doing wrong that leads to our yarn explosion. Pulling the shorter yarn tighter (or looser) around the cut strands doesn’t seem to be helping. We can’t figure out what we’re doing wrong but we’re definitely missing something.

Last but not least: the vanishing yarn. I mean, that’s a given. What company doesn’t want you to spend more money on their products? Vanishing yarn means you have to buy more yarn if you want to make more pets. But, from a kid’s point of view, it means having to make some tough decisions. Those tough decisions can make it very difficult to continue on with the projects knowing that each time you use a specific colour, it means you likely won’t have that colour for another pet.

Now, this is not a complete failure of a product because there’s no denying that my big kid loves her little pom pom pets. I’ve been on the lookout for the appropriate yarn to make these pom pom pets. When I find the right yarn, I’m going to load up on a few colours so we can experiment to our hearts’ content and master the art of pom pom making.

Until then, we’ve moved on to do other things….


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