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Nov 11, 2015 - charlie brown toy from mcdonalds

No, we haven’t watched the new Charlie Brown movie yet but my daughter and I can’t wait to see it. While we’re waiting for a spare moment to go and watch the new Charlie Brown movie (maybe this coming weekend? Maybe??) I decided to pick up a few of the Charlie Brown toys from my local McDonald’s.

Yep, McDonald’s.

Food, not so much. Coffee, yes (it’s hot and it’s pretty decent) and yes, the occasional toy. I mean, look at Charlie Brown.

He’s soooo Charlie Brown! When I first went to get a Charlie Brown toy, I asked if the figurines did anything or if they were ‘just’ figurines. I was told they were ‘just figurines’. It wasn’t until I asked to see them up close on a second visit to McDonald’s that I learned the different figurines actually do different things. - charlie brown toy from mcdonalds

Charlie Brown, for instance, says “Good Grief” and “I can do it!” Snoopy and Sally come with built in wheels. Give the sled a little push and it’ll go flying while Snoopy wobbles to and fro. Woodstock is a cute little bobble head and it should come as no surprise that Snoopy in his flight gear would also have built in wheels for extra ‘vroom’ power. - charlie brown toy from mcdonalds

Yes, I ended up with 4 Charlie Brown figurines. I purchased 3 and another one came as a gift for my big kid. What can I say? They were too cute to pass up. I have to admit though, the Charlie Brown figurines are incredibly cool and bring back memories of old comics and simpler days.


Yes, we definitely need to go watch that new Charlie Brown movie.

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