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Jan 15, 2014

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Did you send me an email yet? For what? To win 1 of 3 What’s Your News scarves, that’s what! Up to January 17, 2014 you can send me an email to this address: thingsthatwedo (dot) com at gmail dot com. Yes, I did all of that on purpose to make sure only real humans send me an email.

If you’ve never heard of What’s Your News, read part of my earlier review below for more details and be sure to send me that email if you’re interested!

Originally posted January 2, 2014:

Children’s TV Show review: What’s Your News?

What’s Your News? is quite the unique children’s TV show. What’s Your News? has a news story type format featuring real children doing real things. All the ‘news’ that gets reported are real life events such as learning how to get dressed, how to whistle, how to use a pogo stick. The news reporters are cute little ants and then there’s Antony (an anteater – must be an inside joke!) who thinks he’s an ant!

Connecting with the folks at What’s Your News? , I learn that the children in the episodes are your typical pre-school children as in they’re not professional actors. The co-creator and producer, Larry Mirkin, happens to have quite the experience in children’s television all the way back to his work on Fraggle Rock with Jim Henson. OMG…IIIII watched Fraggle Rock!

To celebrate Season 2 of What’s Your News?, is happy to announce that we’ve got an easy little contest to win 1 of 3 What’s Your News? Scarves, perfect for the wintry months! The microfleece What’s Your News? Scarves are made in Canada and winning is easy.

If you’re interested in taking a peek at What’s Your News? with your child, catch it on Sunday mornings at 7:35 am ET on the CBC network.

How to Win a What’s Your News? scarf?

SO…how do you land yourself a prized What’s Your News? scarf? You can see it here on Jingle, my kid’s toy dog. It’s simple really. Email me at: at gmail dot com (notice, I spelled out my email and didn’t include a link? That was intentional so only really live breathing humans will send me emails. I really don’t have time to be bothered with spam).

You have until January 17, 2014 to email me. After that, I’ll pick 3 names randomly. I’ll then contact winners by email. To respect everyone’s privacy, I won’t be posting names on and I won’t be using your emails for any marketing purposes. Those of you who have left comments for know that I’ve deleted your emails before posting your comments and have never ever emailed you. I only respond to emails that come directly to me and don’t look like spam. So, no worries that I’ll be spamming you. It’s just not my thing to do! 

Okay, send me an email and let’s get this contest started!

To learn more details or watch episodes of What’s Your News?, click here

To visit the What’s Your News website, click here

To read my full post, click here

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