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Aug 22, 2013

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In about 2 weeks, the kids will be back to school and parents all over will be scrambling to fill those lunch bags. The question is, does your kid have a lunch bag yet? Depending on the condition of last year’s lunch bag, your child may need a new lunch bag.

I picked up this kid’s lunch bag a while ago. Meet Big Apple Buddies Kid’s Lunch Bag. It has a name, you know. Its name is MacDougal Monkey. How’s that for a mouthful. I picked up the Big Apple Buddies Kid’s Lunch Bag because it was on sale (obviously) but it also had some points for discussion so home it went for a product review.

Product Review: Tell me about the Big Apple Buddies Kid’s Lunch Bag – MacDougal Monkey

MacDougal Monkey is an adorable lunch bag ideal for kids 3 years and up. I have to admit, I do find MacDougal Monkey pretty cute and I’m sure the design will appeal to little kids (especially kids who love monkeys!). The best part is, the Big Apple Buddies Kid’s Lunch Bag comes in other designs too (think cats and dogs). But, you know, looks aren’t enough. If little hands can’t open the lunch bag independently it’s a complete fail.

You see, that’s what makes the Big Apple Buddies Kid’s Lunch Bags so awesome. Take a look at the zipper on MacDougal Monkey. My kid and I both tested out the zipper and it zips and unzips easily with little to no fuss at all. That, my friends, spells independence and the start of a really good lunch. It may seem like such a small thing but if a child has to fight with the lunch bag zipper before you know it, the food will be on the floor.

The Big Apple Buddies Kid’s Lunch Bag is also a pretty decent size for a kid’s lunch bag and would easily fit a drink and a lunch. The fact that it has a front and a back will also help children to identify which way is ‘up’ in case lunch was packed in a particular way. Like most other lunch bags, the Big Apple Buddies Kid’s Lunch Bag is easy to wipe clean.

Now, the Big Apple Buddies Kid’s Lunch Bag comes with a soft pliable handle that is easy to hold and carry. The handle also features a buckle that can be snapped and unsnapped which I think has its pros and cons. You see, I think it’s great to have that feature because it means you can unclasp the buckle to hook the Big Apple Buddies Kid’s Lunch Bag onto a back pack or a luggage case if you’re using it as more than just a lunch bag. However, for young children who haven’t mastered how to open and close buckles like these, there is also the potential for some pinched fingers. If you do get this Big Apple Buddies Kid’s Lunch Bag for your child, be sure they get a lot of practice using the buckle before you send it to school.

Some other thoughts about the Big Apple Buddies Kid’s Lunch Bag? Notice how the Big Apple Buddies Kid’s Lunch Bag is made with polyethylene vinyl acetate. Now, prior to today’s post, I had no idea what polyethylene vinyl acetate was. There are some pros and cons depending on what your source is so this is something to consider. Some parents won’t care about this since the food isn’t in direct contact with the lunch bag itself. Other families may have a different opinion. Regardless, at least you know.


Today’s post isn’t so much a hard sell of this monkey lunch bag but it is about making a wise choice. When it comes to your kid’s lunch bag, you really have to consider whether or not your child can use it independently. Some have so many bells and whistles but they’re impossible for little fingers to open and close. Others have terrible closures and food falls out. After reading today’s post, you now know a bit more about this Big Apple Buddies Kid’s Lunch Bag than you ever did before.

All we have to do now is figure out what to pack for lunch!

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