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Aug 6, 2016

finding doryHello there, folks. I know I haven’t posted in a month or two but here I am now – Jenny from Today I’m doing a post on this good movie called ‘Finding Dory’ about a fish who can’t remember anything.

I saw the movie in the theatre and it was very good. Like I said before, the movie is about a fish who can’t remember anything. One day, while Dory was asleep somehow (I can’t remember) she remembered that she had a family.


From the old Finding Nemo movie, Dory gets Marlin and Nemo to help find her family. On the way, she ends up in the marine life centre because she ends up tangled in plastic garbage. The marine staff think she’s injured so they bring her back to the marine life institute. An octopus named Hank came to see her when she was in her tank and he told her she had a tag on her fin that said she was going to Cleveland. He wanted her tag because he had bad memories of the ocean and wanted to go to Cleveland. So, eventually, she promises that if he helps her find the open ocean exhibit (where she thinks her parents are) she’ll give him the tag.

Eventually, Dory finds her parents near the edge of California. I’ll leave the rest of it for you to figure out.

Mom Question: Did you like the movie?

Jenny’s Answer: Yes.

Q: Why?

A: Because it had a good meaning like fish belong in the water and it’s also about family like you’ll never forget your family no matter where you go even if you’re forgetful like this fish! It’s also important to recycle because you can get fish in hot water!

p.s. Dory suffers from short term memory loss

Q: Funniest part of the movie?

A: There are a lot of funny parts…um…I like Destiny the whale shark and Bailey the beluga whale. They were funny!

Q: Do you think Finding Dory is a good movie for children of all ages?

A: Yes, even adults too! It’s got a good meaning for everyone!

Final Thoughts?

The Finding Dory movie was really good and I hope you watch it. Final words: recycle, be good to your family, and have hope!

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