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Jul 14, 2015 - zip it pencil case

You may know this as a Zipit pencil case. I know this as a ‘super awesome deal that I spotted at a store’. Given that I hate shopping, I tend to make the most out of each shopping experience. I usually pick up what I need and do it as quickly as possible but I also keep my eyes open for inconspicuous deals that most people might miss.

Case in point: tucked away in this little corner of the store were a few shelves with odds and ends. I decided to take a closer look. There, sitting in a little bin were a few of these Zipit pencil cases.

Compactly packaged, these Zipit pencil cases are relatively unassuming so I can see why most people didn’t bother with them but I know a good deal when I see one. Regularly sold for about $7 or more, I managed to pick up a Zipit pencil case for only $2! Solidly made, infinitely cool, you know this Zipit pencil case would be a big hit for my big kid. That’s one school supply I don’t have to worry about and September is nowhere in sight!

Product Review: What is a Zipit pencil case?

I’ve been going on and on about this Zipit pencil case but if you’ve never seen one before, you probably don’t know how it works. It’s really quite brilliant.

Take off the packaging and this is what you see: one long coiled zipper. - zip it pencil case

Making the pencil case is simple enough. All you have to do is zip the zipper! Now, feedback from my big kid is that the initial few zips, especially around the corners are a little tough but once you get going, the rest is smooth sailing. - zip it pencil case

Continue to zip the zipper.  It’s surprisingly quick and simple but oh so very cool because you can see the pencil case taking form and yet you know it’s just a zipper! - zip it pencil case

When you’re all done with the zipper, you get one complete solid pencil case. Honestly, I’ve never seen any other pencil case like it. - zip it pencil case

I decided to pick up two Zipit pencil cases, one blue and one pink but they came in a million different colours. My big kid loved playing with the zipper and thought it was super cool too. She decided to take the pink one so this blue one is now mine.


Truth be told, we haven’t really put the Zipit pencil case to the test yet. It’s sitting on my desk and it’s got a few pens in it but I haven’t really done much with it. - zip it pencil case

It does seem sturdy and I’d imagine it would last quite a while. I also love that the Zipit pencil cases come with a warranty! - zip it pencil case

Beyond the Zipit pencil case itself, I’m just glad I stumbled on this bargain. Sooner or later, I’m going to need to find a pencil case for my big kid and I needed a pouch anyway. Finding a quality item for a fraction of its original cost certainly does help my hard earned dollar to stretch further. Now, bargain or not, if we didn’t need pencil cases, then I wouldn’t have bothered with the Zipit pencil case. That would be wasteful!

Lesson learned: go shopping if you must but when you do, buy what you need and always keep your eyes open for hidden bargains!

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