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Nov 4, 2017 - batman-projection-light

For the record, I’m not a huge Batman fan. I like Batman and many of the other superheroes but I’m not a huge Batman collector and my home is certainly not covered in Batman memorabilia. However, when things are cool, they’re cool and deserve a little shout out.

Case in point: a Batman projection light!

No way!

Yes, way!

A Batman projection light! Can you imagine how much fun a Batman fan would have with that?! It even comes with the little keychain clasp so you can carry it with you wherever you go for those times when you just need to get that signal out.

I found this little Batman projection light at my local bookstore and decided to pick one up for a pal of mine who fits right into that ‘big fan’ category. When he goes to the coffee shop, he’ll even identify himself as Bruce (I did not make that up). You should have seen his face when he got that little Batman projection light.

I tell you, we should all be so happy with the simpler things in life. pic - kids 2015

Things to do: keep your eyes open for fun finds, not just for yourself but for others as well and in case you were wondering, those fun finds don’t have to cost a dime either. All it takes it a little bit of thought and a whole lot of heart.

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