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Aug 13, 2015 - merriam webster garfield dictionaryIt’s amazing what you can find when you least expect it. There I was at a book fair and I spot this: a GARFIELD dictionary!

Are you kidding me?!!??

I never even knew such a thing existed but this is by far the coolest dictionary I’ve ever seen. I grew up loving Garfield so this is an incredibly fascinating blast from my past. I mean, LOOK at it! It even has GARFIELD COMICS in it!


The Cat’s Meow: The Merriam-Webster and Garfield Dictionary

You won’t believe it but I picked up this Merriam-Webster and Garfield Dictionary at the book fair for one whole dollar. Yes, that’s right. $1. It’s not brand new and dates back to 1999 but I really didn’t care. It was simply too cool to pass on. - merriam webster garfield dictionary

My daughter was equally intrigued by the Garfield dictionary and it’s our current reference point when we have a word that we need help with. Actually, there are times we’ll just pick it up to read simply so we can look at the Garfield comics. Adding Garfield comics to a fully functional dictionary was an ingenious way to encourage people to use it more often.

Absolutely brilliant.

A lot of creative thought and organization went into making this Merriam-Webster and Garfield Dictionary. Scattered throughout the dictionary are Garfield comics but those comics aren’t random. - merriam webster garfield dictionary

Select words with Garfield beside them are the lucky chosen ones. In this instance, the word ‘accurate’ has been emphasized. - merriam webster garfield dictionary

Here is the Garfield comic that was used for the word ‘accurate’ at the bottom of the same page: - merriam webster garfield dictionary

The back of the dictionary also has a special section titled, “Garfield’s Daffy Definitions”. Have a look! - merriam webster garfield dictionary

Personally, I completely agree with Garfield’s definition of ‘bed’ :).


Is Garfield funny? Witty? Wry? Boring? Well, that’s a personal preference. If you know Garfield, you’ll know his comics are a little dry and lean towards the sarcastic side of life. So, while I may find some of the comics funny, they may not be for everyone. I also recognize that they may not necessarily make it any easier to understand the definition of the identified words. What I do appreciate however is the brilliant concept of adding a character like Garfield to something more fact based like a dictionary.

Just imagine that for a second.

Imagine a child who could really benefit from having a dictionary. Only problem is, the child’s not a big fan of big heavy thick books or reading for that matter. The same child though happens to love Lego. Now imagine if a Lego themed dictionary existed. Imagine how utterly cool it would be to have a functional dictionary that was also covered with Lego characters to help explain certain words.

You get the idea.

Finding this Merriam-Webster and Garfield Dictionary is by far one of my coolest finds. It also happens to be a perfect fit with my big kid’s humour. Now if only this Merriam-Webster and Garfield Dictionary existed when I was a kid!

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