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Jul 24, 2014 - simon gameCopyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Check this out! A little mini Simon game!

When I was a wee child (not that I’m dating myself at all…) I had a regular size Simon game and I used to play it all the time. I was pretty good at that Simon game too, following along with the coloured patterns but boy did it bother me when I pressed the wrong colour and it shrieked ‘EEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ at me. The NERVE!

Fast forward to 2014 and I’m at a street sale and come across this little mini Simon game. You won’t believe the deal I got for it. It was brand new. I paid $5 for 2 little mini electronic carry along games. - simon gameDoes this little mini Simon work?

Yep, it sure does. My big kid is currently having a blast with this little mini Simon. Just like its original large size counterpart, you watch the pattern of lights and try to repeat the exact same pattern which continues to grow until you press the wrong colour.

The Simon game sounds simple enough but there is some serious brain power at work. After all, it’s not easy remembering the order of all those blinking lights! This new little mini version comes with a little clip to make it an easy carry-along toy for outdoor trips.

Who knew I’d get such a great little nostalgic kick from a street sale?


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