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Nov 30, 2017 - pc matcha green tea cheesecake

Have you ever seen this product on the shelf before? Matcha green tea cheesecake?

Huh? What?

This came to me courtesy of my adorable neighbour who regularly shares goodies with me. One time she made this delectable kale and quinoa salad – I ate the entire bowl for breakfast, no joke! I totally have to try and make some one day.

Anyhoo, I get a text from one fine evening and she shares this PC Matcha Green Tea cheesecake with me. Curious, I decided to take a slice. A closer look at the box told me this cheesecake also came with a coconut and cookie crumb crust. I like coconut so I was really hoping this would be a tasty treat. – Continue Reading

Nov 22, 2017 - cadbury dairy milk with pretzel and peanut butter

Anyone who regularly visits knows that I’m not a giant fan of chocolate. I’ve reviewed a number of chocolate products and most get mediocre comments at best. I often find chocolates too sweet to even do it justice. On the rare occasion, I find something I really really like that makes me really happy.

Enter Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate bar with Pretzel and Peanut Butter. Boy, talk about a tasty piece of chocolate. The flavours of this chocolate bar blend so well I’m surprised other companies haven’t tried to mimic them! What makes this Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate bar with Pretzel and Peanut Butter so special? – Continue Reading

Oct 7, 2017 - pc pesto

I’m a big fan of pesto. Fragrant, flavourful, and so versatile, pesto is a culinary lifesaver.  Years ago, I used to make my own pesto but nowadays I just don’t have fresh basil lying around and truthfully, I’m the only one in the family that appreciates it. It’s a great lunch saver especially if I have some leftover pasta lying around. Add a spoon of pesto, a bit of parmesan, throw in a few veggies, and I’m good to go. It’s so much better than picking up takeout!

I’ve tried to find a store bought pesto sauce that works for me but it hasn’t been easy. I’m not a big fan of the pre-made pesto sauces with almonds or pine nuts because I can’t be sure it’ll stay fresh long enough for me to use it all before it all goes funky in my fridge. After all, I’m the only one that’ll use it and while I love pesto, I’m not eating every day.

It’s taken me a while but I finally found this PC Pesto sauce made without pine nuts or almonds. – Continue Reading

Sep 18, 2017 - belvita breakfast oatmeal crunch biscuits

Allow me to introduce you to this very crumpled up pack of Belvita Breakfast Oatmeal Crunch biscuits. I got it a while back as a sample treat to test out. I can’t remember where I was or how I got it but I came across these photos and realized I’d never done a post about them. I had a thought and wanted to share so here I am talking about these biscuits.

For the record, these Belvita Breakfast Oatmeal Crunch biscuits are crunchy, sweet, with a noticeable oatmeal taste. Would I eat them for breakfast though, that I’m not so sure of. - belvita breakfast oatmeal crunch biscuits

I mean, treat, maybe but breakfast?

– Continue Reading

Jul 30, 2017 - taste of nature chocolate pecan brownie granola

You know I’m not much of a chocolate fan but I was intrigued by these Taste of Nature granola bars because they’re organic and non-GMO. They also happened to be on sale so it was a good excuse to test them out.

Questions in my head as I picked up the box – would they be too sweet, would they taste good, would they be worth the money I spent (even on sale)?

Well, let’s just see, shall we?

– Continue Reading

Jul 17, 2017 - neal brothers foods honey mustard pretzels

I have to admit, pretzel bites are pretty tasty. They’re crunchy and savoury (okay, a tad too salty) but tasty they are (with a giant glass of water to compensate). Move over potato chips, I’m in love with these bite size little pretzel bits. They’re crunchy and flavourful and you only need a little bit to feel happy and satisfied.

I was at my local grocery store and picked up this bag of Neal Brothers Foods Honey Mustard Pretzels. I’ve had other Neal Brothers Foods products before and wanted to see how these would fare compared to my usual preferred brand.

Any guesses?

– Continue Reading

May 24, 2017 - pikelets


Because I said so.

Who exactly is Nagi?

Well, Nagi happens to be an amazing woman who is the ultimate brain behind I discovered her website a little while back when I was in desperate need of a new breakfast option. Sure, I made French Toast, pancakes, oatmeal, bread pudding, and a few other choice items but it’s always good to try something new. Given that I’m not the best cook on this planet I was looking for something familiar yet new.

Enter Nagi and the pikelet.

What exactly is a pikelet? – Continue Reading

Apr 30, 2017 - pacific-organic-pumpkin-puree-pumpkin-loaf

For the record, I love Pacific Food’s organic Pumpkin Puree. It is my absolute pumpkin puree. I discovered it at my local health food store. It was on sale and I decided to pick it up and try my hand at making my own pumpkin loaf. My entire family loves eating pumpkin loaf but I never dared to make it. I mean, pumpkin puree? I had no clue how to use it.

Armed with this box of Pacific Organic Pumpkin Puree, I tried it and made the best pumpkin loaf ever which I promise to share one day soon. For now, let me focus on this delectable pumpkin puree because quite frankly, it deserves the attention! – Continue Reading

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