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Jan 26, 2012

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It’s time to clean. Wait, it’s always time to clean when you’re a parent. It’s just a matter of how important it is at that moment. A spill on the floor can’t wait and needs to be cleaned right now. Dust bunnies sometimes have to wait a day or two because laundry, dirty dishes, or the bathroom came first. Depending on what mood I’m in, sometimes, I like to use a more natural option for cleaning around the home. That’s when the handy dandy spray bottle of vinegar and water (equal parts) comes into play. Now, I can’t just spray it all and not have something to wipe it up with. You see, that’s where the Scott Paper Towels become involved. Now, I made the Scott Paper Towels a product for reviewing on because honestly, up until a recent sale, I’d never used them before!

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Aug 15, 2011

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Let me brutally frank with all of you: I don’t clean often. I’d much rather hang out with my kid doing kid fun stuff than clean my home. It’s not that I live in utter filth but there are clothes in piles and the shelving units would make Mary Poppins blow a gasket when she does the white glove test.  When I do clean, I try to do it fast and efficiently with as few chemicals as possible. My daughter will often help with her own little bottle of vinegar and water, scrubbing away beside me.
There are times however, when something more powerful is needed, when I need to make sure all those invisible critters are caught. That’s when I reach for a disinfectant wipe to do the tough job of annihilating those invisible nasties. Recently, I bought and tried the Green Works compostable cleaning wipes instead of my conventional brand. The question is: how did the Green Works compostable cleaning wipes do?
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