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Jun 3, 2015 - christie sesame rice thinsCrunch crunch crunch. That’s the sound I occasionally want to hear when I want a snack. Sometimes, I want crunchy carrots (I love vegetables). Other times, I go for a healthy serving of almonds. Then, there are times I think about rice crackers. Remember, I like dips and rice crackers go really well with dips.

So, when I look at this box of Christie Sesame Rice Thins I wonder how they’ll taste. They were on sale so I picked them up. I know what rice crackers taste like. Who doesn’t? So…why not…except, does your brand of rice crackers include this ingredient? – Continue Reading

May 28, 2015 - pc organics vegetable stone wheat crackersWhy PC Organics Vegetable Stone Wheat Crackers? Well, that depends.

If you like crackers and you’ve been munching away on them then you may want to compare the ingredients on your favourite box with this box of PC Organics Vegetable Stone Wheat Crackers.

There’s a particular brand of veggie crackers that my big kid tried a while back. She liked it but I wasn’t a big fan of it. I took a gander at the ingredient list on THAT box of veggie crackers and I was completely grossed out.

Fast forward to this box of PC Organics Vegetable Stone Wheat Crackers and I was intrigued enough to pick it up for a taste test. – Continue Reading

Apr 8, 2015 - cheetos mix-ups cheesy mixI don’t think it’s any secret that I like cheese. Cheese makes me happy. Well, most cheese makes me happy. I have yet to fall for brie but give me some extra old cheddar any day.

So, it should come as no surprise that I’d want to pick up a bag of Cheetos Mix-ups to do a taste test. We all know what regular Cheetos taste like and we all know it’s a definite ‘sometimes’ treat but I wanted to know what made the Cheetos Mix-ups special. Plus, they were on sale so I figured it was a timely review at a fraction of its regular cost. I try my best never to pay full price for said treat items. – Continue Reading

Mar 11, 2015 - pc chicago mix popcornYou don’t always need chips. Sometimes, popcorn will do quite nicely too. Sometimes, getting a bag of savory and sweet popcorn might just be the extra special gift you’ve been waiting for.

At least, that was my thought process when I picked up this bag of PC Chicago Mix Popcorn from my local Loblaws. I was looking for something a little different to do a product review on. I certainly wasn’t going to pick up a bag of chips and as I strolled, I came across this package. I have a friend who likes popcorn so I figured she could help and give me some feedback on this bag of PC Chicago Mix Popcorn too.

It was on sale so why not? – Continue Reading

Mar 6, 2015 - twistos parmesan and oregano crispsBack in 2012, I tested out a bag of Twistos. It was a bag of Twistos Parmesan and Oregano Baked Snack Bites. They were okay and you can read the full review here but it’s been a long time since I’ve placed my hands on another bag of Twistos.

That is, until my friend picked up this bag of Twistos Parmesan and Oregano Crisps. It was the same flavour that I had tried a few years ago but these were crispy snack crackers. Would I like these more? Would I like these less?

Well, there was only one way to find out and I didn’t have to pay for them so I was quite game to do a spontaneous taste test.

– Continue Reading

Feb 16, 2015 - calbee snapea crispsCopyright© 2015 All Rights Reserved.

Nope, it’s not a chip. These Calbee Snapea Crisps are actually made with green peas. You won’t find a potato anywhere near them. This snack pack came from a pal of mine. I like crunchy snacks and these Calbee Snapea Crisps but I’m just not sure if I’ll be going back to them any time soon.

Were they tasty? Yeah…I think so but…. – Continue Reading

Dec 30, 2014 - sensible portions garden veggie straws zesty ranchCopyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Do you see how deflated this bag of Sensible Portions Zesty Ranch Garden Veggie Straws is? It is completely empty. The contents are long gone. I should’ve taken a photo prior to opening the bag and I didn’t. I was careless. Next thing you know, the bag is empty, completely empty.

There is nothing in it because it was all eaten. I opened the bag of Sensible Portions Zesty Ranch Garden Veggie Straws at work and next thing you know, poof!

It’s all gone. I swear I didn’t eat it all by myself! – Continue Reading

Dec 4, 2014 - neal brothers organic cheese twistsCopyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Neal Brothers Organic Cheese Twists: imagine crunchy, cheesy goodness with decent ingredients. Yep, that’s Neal Brothers Organic Cheese Twists. I’m a big fan of cheese and I love cheese twists. My big kid, much like me, also happens to love cheese twists. That being said, not all cheese twists are created equal. We all know there are just some foods that are best consumed in moderation and cheese twists tend to fall in that category.

Well, then Neal Brothers Organic Cheese Twists came along. – Continue Reading

Nov 14, 2014 - happy herberts spelt mini pretzelsCopyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Crunch, crunch, crunch, that’s what my brain sometimes. Potato chip crunch? Nah..not feeling it. Fries? Nah, not that either. Salad crunch? Oh yes, sometimes I like a good salad and it has nothing to do with calorie counting. Ask the hubby and daughter and they’ll tell you that I love my veggies.

When I picked up this bag of Happy Herbert’s Organic Spelt Mini Pretzels I wasn’t thinking of a salad crunch. I was thinking savory, crunchy, and I didn’t feel like any nuts or seeds. That’s why this bag of Happy Herbert’s Organic Spelt Mini Pretzels is now sitting in my kitchen. – Continue Reading

Nov 10, 2014 - enjoy life not nuts seed and fruit mixCopyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.

The great folks at Enjoy Life have come out with yet another new product. I don’t know who the masterminds are at Enjoy Life but it seems like they’re constantly pumping out new products which I commend. As a conscientious consumer, the very fact that Enjoy Life exists means better alternatives and options for families like mine.

Check out their latest product: Enjoy Life Not Nuts Seed and Fruit. There are a number of different mixes. For today’s review, I tested out the Enjoy Life Not Nuts Seed and Fruit Beach Bash Mix. It’s quite the tongue twister but the goodness inside the bag speaks for itself.

If you’re looking for something new to put in your kid’s snack bag, this might just be the one for you. – Continue Reading

© 2015 All Rights Reserved.