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Mar 29, 2015
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That statement alone deserves a serious ‘high 5’ or ‘fist bump’ depending on which pal I hang out with.

Let’s be honest with one another: this past week was a hard week. The whole Daylight Savings thing, getting back into a routine after taking a few days off (yes, I did take a few days off the previous week but managed to keep going despite my more relaxed mode), and conquering a work week with umpteen emails and deadlines after taking those days off… all THAT and more takes a toll on the human psyche.

Last Sunday I posted my determination not to let my disdain of Mondays destroy my Sundays. I came up with one strategy: cramming Sunday as full as I possibly could to reduce my brain’s capacity to think about anything beyond the task at hand. I am happy to report that it did seem to effectively limit my ability to fret about the impending Monday.

I did laundry (LOTS of laundry), simultaneously baked sugar cookies and a lemon cake, prepped for dinner with my big kid, helped her make dinner, watched a movie, did homework with my big kid, played a bunch of different games with my big kid (Jenga anyone?), and I’m sure I did some other stuff too which I can no longer remember.

I’m not sure how well my strategy worked but there’s no denying that we accomplished a lot in one day and I just physically had no time to think beyond the cookies in the oven, the lemon cake that had a different baking time, the laundry that was in the washer and the dryer, and all the other events that were happening simultaneously.

With all that buzz, I still made sure there was plenty of time to hang out with my family which is ultimately what gives me strength to go about my daily chaos. So, deep breath, this weekend came and I’ve got to do it all over again…TODAY!

Well, better get out the baking book NOW.

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