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May 23, 2015
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Bright sunshine, warm Spring weather (finally), and a chance to spend time with the family. That sounds like a perfect weekend to me. With the warmer weather, why not enjoy some of the sun (with sunscreen, of course)? Take a walk in the neighborhood. Head off to a park, throw around the Frisbee, or go for a bike ride. I’m not sure which one of those things we’ll do this weekend but we’ll try to fit something in.

Best part about Saturday: you get to do what you want knowing that you still have Sunday to enjoy.

Hm…maybe I’ll do some baking. There’s a bakery near me that makes fresh scones that are absolutely amazing. They come in a million different flavours, savory and sweet. They’re pricey so I only buy them on the occasion but I’d love to be able to make scones in a variety of flavours.

Yes, maybe I’ll do some baking.

Things to do: enjoy this weekend to the fullest. Be safe, be well, be in the moment.

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