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Feb 26, 2012

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If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know that I love the coconut (think back to the Nutiva coconut manna spread and the coconut snowballs we made) so is it any wonder that I couldn’t resist buying the Organix Nourishing coconut milk shampoo? On top of that, it was a value size bottle with 50% more (cool!) and it was a decent price at $5.99 for a 577mL bottle. Sure, it’s not free which would have been awesome but hey, it had coconut! I popped the shampoo lid open at the store to take a little smell and have to admit that it smelled divinely coconut so here I am reviewing it for

Product review: Organix Nourishing coconut milk shampoo

Prior to this bottle, I’ve never even heard of the Organix brand so having a coconut milk shampoo certainly helped them to score some brownie points and earned them a sale. Take a closer read of the bottle and the Organix Nourishing coconut milk shampoo happens to be sulfate free and paraben free which to me is great news! The big bold letters also tell me that the Organix Nourishing coconut milk shampoo had whipped egg white proteins which will help to add strength and elasticity to my hair. The coconut milk and coconut oil isn’t just so I’ll smell decadent but they help to nourish my hair and keep it hydrated. Those are big claims but the real test comes in trying out the shampoo.

Now, I have to be honest and tell you that the husband has been using this Organix Nourishing coconut milk shampoo more than I have. He’s used it for more than a week now. He’s a big of a coconut fan too and says the shampoo is ‘good’ (how’s that for being descriptive?) but I haven’t really been able to coax much more out of him beyond the fact that it works like shampoo should and that after much pondering, he thinks his hair is ‘softer’.

So, I took a go at it and tried it for a week. It smells divine and the shampoo has a decent consistency like regular shampoo despite being sulfate and paraben free so I certainly don’t miss those 2 ingredients!  I have to say that I didn’t really notice much of a change to the texture of my hair. It got my hair clean, didn’t weigh it down, but I certainly didn’t notice a major difference to my hair. Does this mean the Organix Nourishing coconut milk shampoo is flawed? I don’t necessarily think so. I think it’s more about fit of the shampoo with the right hair. For me, one thing I did like is the obvious squeaky clean feeling my hair got when I washed my hair with the Organix Nourishing coconut milk shampoo. That was neat and I truly felt like my hair was clean which doesn’t always happen depending on the shampoo. The coconut smell is intoxicating without being overpowering and quite relaxing.

Would I recommend Organix Nourishing coconut milk shampoo?

I’m not sure if I’d recommend the Organix Nourishing coconut milk shampoo. If you like the smell of coconut and you happen to find it on sale, then it’s worth a buy but I certainly wouldn’t pay full price for it although I really do appreciate that it’s sulfate free. There’s nothing about the Organix Nourishing coconut milk shampoo that compels me to think it deserves to be bought at full price. I certainly appreciate that it’s sulfate and paraben free which is why it would probably have a higher price point even when it is on sale but there hasn’t been enough of a positive difference with my hair for me to recommend it beyond that. If you happen to try this Organix Nourishing coconut milk shampoo, let me know how it works on you!

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