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May 14, 2011

We eat a lot of rice in our household. Rice usually accompanies our lunches or our dinners, right beside the protein and veg. Most of the time, we eat brown rice, but we’ve also had basmati, Arborio, white, and wild rice. Variety is key when promoting home cooking with children (IMHO). I spotted Tsuru Mai Brown rice at my local supermarket and decided to give it a try mainly because the rice bag said it was a medium grain rice, 100% whole grain, was unprocessed, and had no preservatives (in my brain all I processed was ‘chewy like sushi rice, maybe?’) because I love the texture of sushi rice but would love it even more if it was brown.

Product review: What happened?

When you open the package, you can see a noticeable difference in the individual rice grains. They really are shorter grains of rice although certainly not as short as the short grains (obviously!).  Easy to cook, did it the same way I do for all my other grains. I washed it in my stainless steel pot, added enough cold water to cover my hand, and put it on the stove top to wait for it to boil. Once boiled, I left the cover off to simmer on medium until most of the water evaporated, and then put the lid back on with a low fire until it was dinner time.
My kid’s review on the Tsuru Mai Brown Rice:
“The brown rice just tastes so good because the brown rice goes with anything well. Like if you put it with salmon, it would taste so good that I’d do a little jig! Mmmmm!”
Q: How does the brown rice taste?
A: “It’s a little bit chewy and it’s a little bit squishy. MMMM… That’s all.”
Q: Would you eat this brown rice again?
A: “Yeah!”


The Tsuru Mai brown rice is my new found favourite rice. I absolutely loved the texture of the cooked rice grains. There’s a distinct chew to them, I’d say a softer, chewier, al dente texture, definitely not as sticky as sushi rice but it had a nutty, toasty depth. I could eat the Tsuru Mai brown rice plain and I did because it had such a good flavour on its own.
So, would I buy it again? I already did! Thank you Tsuru Mai brown rice for another healthy alternative to put on my food table.

14 comments on “Tsuru Mai Brown Rice – nutty, toasty goodness”

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    1. admin says:

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