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Sep 7, 2011

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In recent years, I’ve taken to dyeing my hair, not because I’m full blown grey, but because I have really dark hair and the white hairs I do have stick out like a sore thumb (okay, a bunch of sore thumbs). I’ll admit, sometimes, I’ll just pick up whatever is on sale and will do my own hair dyeing job. It’s not pretty or glamourous but it gets the job done. Those who know me know that I’m a lazy person. If it takes too many steps, I just won’t do it because I’d rather spend my time doing something else I find more productive. Gosh, I’m sure a newbie with hair colouring, I don’t even know if I’m supposed to call it hair colour, hair dye, or something else? Be patient with me, I am incredibly new at this hair colouring thing!
You can therefore appreciate my recent decision to buy the Herbatint brand to dye my hair. When I bought the Herbatint product, I didn’t know too much about it except that it was at my local health foods store and they’re really stringent on the products they put on their shelves. So, if Herbatint made it into their store, it couldn’t be THAT bad of a product. Now, the question is: how does this more natural form of hair dye to colour my grey hairs compare to the conventional hair dyeing product?

Product review: What is Herbatint?

I take the Herbatint home and visit their website. It turns out that Herbatint is the “only hair colouring system that doesn’t have ammonia, alcohol or fragrance” (from: There’s a bunch of other stuff that Herbatint apparently doesn’t have, like no parabens (i.e. paraben free perhaps?), but you can find that all out by yourselves when you visit their site. Right now, I’m sitting here with my hair completing covered in Herbatint so I’m going to type as fast as I can and give you my immediate input on this product.

Herbatint: How Do You Dye your Hair with Herbatint?

Here’s a photo of everything that you get in one Herbatint box and it works in the same basic ways that the other more commercial hair colouring products do: mix the two bottles, apply to dry hair, let sit, and rinse off with lukewarm water. BUT!! There are some differences I wasn’t expecting:
1. More than once: You can use one box of Herbatint for more than one application depending on how long your hair is! Unlike the other brands that tell you to combine, shake, apply and throw out all contents immediately, you can actually use the same box for up to 3 applications if you happen to have really short hair. The reason: you open both bottles and are instructed to combine the two in a separate plastic or glass bowl. AH..much like the hair salons do, but I was caught off guard and with no plastic bowl or glass bowl in site, I grabbed the nearby plastic cup. It worked but it was awkward.
2. Get a tinting brush: You need a tinting brush to apply the product to your hair. Because Herbatint doesn’t give you that squeezie bottle to squirt the hair dye into your hair, you need a brush to apply it to your dry hair. Well, of course, I didn’t have that either. My solution: I used an old toothbrush that was nearby. It sufficed but again, AWKWARD!
3. Shampoo after? The instructions tell me to rinse off the product from my hair and then wash it with shampoo. Really?? None of the other hair colouring products I’ve used before ever tell me to do that. All they usually say is to apply the enclosed conditioner afterwards…hm..we’ll see what effect this has. Gosh, I hope my head doesn’t turn green.

Herbatint: What’s Happening now to my Head?

Depending on whether your hair has been dyed before or if it’s never been dyed before, you’re supposed to sit with the Herbatint on your hair between 30 – 40 minutes. To me, that’s an excessively long time so I’m going to stop after 20 minutes. If all my hair doesn’t fall off, I might get the Herbatint again and go for the full time but this turtle is going to play it safe.
My head is feeling okay, no tingly sensations and best of all, NO CRAZY CHEMICAL SMELLS! Wow, this is perhaps the most shocking bonus of using Herbatint right now. Some of the other permanent hair colour products I’ve used have a pretty powerful smell that downright try to disintegrate my nose hairs but not Herbatint. I’m sitting here quite relaxed as I type this out and I’m not dripping everywhere either. Mind you, there’s a smell but it’s not crazy chemically, more herbal in smell (ha ha…Herbatint, herbal, get it?) and definitely not offensive or overwhelming. So, so far so good.
Off to wash my hair now…
(hours later)


Okay, now for the end of this review. Life took over so I’m now reporting a few hours after my hair has been coloured with Herbatint. All things considered, the Herbatint worked quite well at covering my select grey hairs even with the shorter time limit that I had set for myself. My hair felt crunchy, if I can say that, after I rinsed out the Herbatint hair colouring gel so I was really grateful for the enclosed conditioning cream. Of course, I did shampoo my hair as instructed and no, my hair didn’t turn green and it didn’t all fall off. The conditioning cream made my hair instantly softer and smoother so the shampooing worked and didn’t strip off all the colour I had just put in. The conditioner made my hair feel soft and again, good grey coverage despite the shorter time frame.
So, the question is: would I buy Herbatint again? Honestly, even with the hassle and feeling completely unprepared to colour my hair with Herbatint and all the extra steps, I think I might just buy it again. I really am impressed with how little the Herbatint smelled and that the smell wasn’t all chemically and offensive like some hair colouring products are. Now, I recognize it is pricey and certainly not within the means of every family to use all the time so we’ll see how long the grey coverage lasts. Given that I’m lazy and don’t keep up with the whole grey coverage thing (I usually wait until I have a reason to do it), I could probably afford to use Herbatint since I probably only colour my hair once every 4 – 5 months. If I calculate it that way, it certainly is a lot cheaper than going to get it done at a hair salon! More importantly though, I commend Herbatint for coming up with a more natural alternative to hair colouring!
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      Hello there and thank you for your post. Here at, we try to provide a variety of product reviews and event reviews and of course, food reviews for anything that families might benefit from! Trying out the Herbatint was certainly more of a product for the adults in the home than the young child. Amazingly, yes, I now choose to dye my hair on the occasion when I’m not too lazy to do it. Herbatint certainly made it easier since it didn’t have any offensive odours and overall was quite easy to do by myself! Hope you’ll visit our site again. From the family at:

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      Hello and thank you for visiting our website at We try our best to offer reviews on various products and events for families and we sometimes offer some great family tips too! Trying out Herbatint’s hair dye was quite a fun experience and I was truly amazed at how little it smelled. Is that even a proper way to say it? Let’s put it this way: I didn’t smell like I was dying my hair and that was fantastic! Please visit our site again. From the family at:

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      Hello there and thank you so much for your comment. I’m really just a beginner blogger too with a few random moments of spare time on my hands so I figure, if I can do this blog, it’ll be good for my brain! As a matter of fact, I’m going to be using this Herbatint hair dye again today. It’s time to cover the grey and this time, I’ll be a pro at it! Hope you’ll visit our site again soon. From the family

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    Woh I love your blog posts, saved to bookmarks!

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      Hello and thank you so much for your comment! I’m glad you liked my Herbatint hair dye review. It was a lot of fun to do and I really appreciated that it was really low odour. Here at, we try our best to give our readers some fun and informative content to read. Hope you’ll visit our site again. We try to update daily! From our family at:

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      Hello and thank you for sharing your feedback with us! I’m glad you enjoyed my review on the Herbatint hair dye. I have to say, I’ve used it again since and I’ve now switched to Herbatint as my preferred hair colouring product. Honestly, wait until you try it and you’ll appreciate how low odour it is! Hope you’ll visit our site again. From the family at:

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