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Oct 26, 2011

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Rainy weather was the perfect opportunity for my little kid to test drive her new Bogs in wet swishy swashy weather. After all, the Bogs are made with a durable rubber and are designed with a waterproof upper so they should withstand a little bit of water, right?  Besides, I’ve seen other kids wear them in the rain so why not give the Bogs  a go before the snow comes? Read this review on the Bogs boots to see how they fared in the rain!

Product review: What happened?

This is what the Bogs look like on her feet. We wore them in the rain and she had a blast in them. The Bogs kept her feet toasty warm and dry and she was quite happy bouncing around in them. According to my little tester at, the Bogs were comfortable. She was certainly able to put them on independently without any fuss at all so that was a definite bonus.

Now, we haven’t been able to test the slip factor of these Bogs boots yet since she’s only worn them in rainy weather so I’ll be sure to report on how they hold up in the slippery snow.

After coming home and taking a closer look at the Bogs, I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re probably most comfortable when you either wear long socks that go beyond the built in straps or wear leggings that tuck into the Bogs. Why, you ask? Well, if your child has sensitive skin, they might initially find the texture of the Bogs against their skin uncomfortable. So, that would be my tip to you should you decide to get your child a pair of Bogs.


After the test drive in the rain, I’d say the Bogs held up quite nicely. The Bogs kept my child’s feet dry and warm. She was comfortable doing all the bending and twisting and turning without any complaints. I would say that the Bogs seem to have a snug fit so if you do plan to wear them mostly in the weather, bring an extra pair of socks to put on your child’s feet to get the best size for the winter months when thicker socks are a must.

I shall continue to keep you all updated on how the Bogs hold up over the course of the next few months. In the meantime, I think they’re a pretty good buy! Oh, and if you haven’t read part 1 of this Bogs review, here it is

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