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Feb 11, 2012

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When you have young children, you know that hand washing is key to keeping them healthy. Given the cold winter weather, it seems appropriate for this mommy blogger at to do a quick feature on the Green Beaver lavender foaming hand soap. I was at my local organic market and came across a sale for the Green Beaver products. Apparently, they’re making a facelift on the packaging of some of their products but hey, I’ve tested out their Green Beaver sunscreen (click here if you want to read it) so why not try their hand soap?

Product review: Green Beaver Lavender foaming hand soap

Whenever possible, I try to find different alternatives of soaps for my child to wash her hands, the more natural the better. I’m aware of all the chemicals that go into soaps and shampoos so I’m always trying but you know, cost is always a factor especially when everything requires money too. Thus, I was more than happy to see this Green Beaver Lavender foaming hand soap on sale for $2.39. Where I live, that’s a really really good deal.

I took it home and set it up in the bathroom and it was the first thing my child noticed when she went to the bathroom to wash her hands for snack (the Organic Cheese Pops made by Neal Brothers Foods is her current favourite snack ( click here if you want to read the snack review ). I hear this, “Hey mommy, what’s this? New SOAP? LAVENDER?” You see, the bonus of having a child who can read. She reads the label and says, “OH, it’s Green Beaver, like my sunscreen. Cool!” She quickly realizes it’s a foaming hand soap. “Oooh, bubbles!” and then the smell, “Ahhhhh, it smells nice mommy. Is that the lavender?” Needless to say, she washed her hands quite thoroughly before she went to enjoy her snack.

One thing I would say about the Green Beaver Lavender foaming hand soap is that it is quite runny which I imagine is to be expected since Green Beaver probably didn’t put a lot of junk into the soap to give it that solid foamy texture. The bubbles and texture for us was fine but I can possibly see that the dispenser might be tricky for younger children who go to pump their own soap, only to have it drip between their little fingers.

A note about handwashing

We all know the importance of washing our hands but for young children, it isn’t always easy to keep them focused on hand washing long enough to get rid of those germs. Thus, consider some of these ideas:

  • Sing your child’s favourite song, poem, or rhyme as they wash their hands but add funny verses that they’ve never heard before. Save those verses only for hand washing time so that they’ll be motivated to scrub longer just so they can hear what you’ll sing next.
  • Talk children through the hand washing routine as though it were a story. Add drama to the hand washing motions. “And then, the big bubble mountains came. Can the mountain grow bigger! Watch watch..scrub scrub..oh boy, look how big that mountain is!”
  • Older children sometimes just need that gentle reminder to stay long enough to wash their hands thoroughly. Some older children thrive on information posters about hand washing and germs so if you can get a hand washing poster for your bathroom, it will serve as a physical reminder on the importance of proper hand washing.

Would I buy the Green Beaver Lavender foaming hand soap

This lavender foaming hand soap by Green Beaver is quite good and seems to work quite well for my child’s hands and skin. She has sensitive skin too and didn’t react to the Green Beaver Lavender foaming hand soap which is a very good thing. It smelled great in our bathroom and my daughter did wash her hands better and more efficiently because she loved watching the bubbles multiply. At the same time, I’m not yet convinced 100% that this is the soap for us. The drip factor was an issue for me at times only because it left a puddle on the sink counter and on to leaning elbows and arms.  If you find it on sale in your area, the Green Beaver Lavender foaming hand soap is certainly worth a try!

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