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Jun 22, 2012

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Oh boy, is it hot and sunny out there or WHAT? Man, oh man, it’s nuts and what better time to do a product review on sunscreen than right now where the sun is at full blast? Now, I don’t know about you but conventional brand name drug store sunscreens quite frankly scare the doo das out of me because of all the ingredients that are used.

I’ve known for a long time now about the differences between physical sunscreens and chemical sunscreens. While I’m no chemist, I understand that chemical sunscreens claim to work because the chemicals in those sunscreens get absorbed in to the skin. You see, that part creeps me out because do you really want all those chemicals inside your skin? Because, if it’s in your skin, it’s in your body and have you ever considered how all those chemicals are going to affect your body when they interact with all the goodies in your body? Just think about it.

Case in point, one time, I tried mixing kid’s glue with kid’s paint just to see what would happen and I ended up with one sticky disgusting mess that got all stringy and weird. Kid’s glue on its own is fine and kid’s paint on its own is fine but put the two together and it was not so good.

On the other hand, you have physical sunscreens that work because the ingredients used sit on top of the skin to protect your skin from the sun. A lot of people often don’t want physical sunscreens because they think it makes them look all weird and chalky looking. Well, let me tell you this, last year I got my child on to the Green Beaver spf 30 sunscreen and she didn’t look like a chalky mess so I don’t think that concern is valid. I’d much rather have the sunscreen on top of her skin than in her skin.

Alas, I digress so let’s get back to today’s post. For this post, I decided I’d test out the thinksport sunscreen SPF 50+ benefiting LIVESTRONG. I’ll be honest, I chose this brand for testing because it was recommended by my local health food store. I was told the thinksport sunscreen SPF 50+ benefiting LIVESTRONG was a physical sunscreen and I know it’s a quality product since my local health food store is quite particular about what it lets into its store. So, on faith and trust, I purchased this thinksport sunscreen SPF 50+ benefiting LIVESTRONG for today’s product test for Would the thinksport sunscreen with spf 50+ leave me looking all pasty and white?

Product review: thinksport sunscreen SPF 50+ benefiting LIVESTRONG – what’s in it?

I took a little stroll on the thinksport website and got to know the company a little better since I had no idea what this whole ‘benefiting LIVESTRONG’ meant. What I’ve since gathered is that my purchase of the thinksport sunscreen SPF 50+ benefiting LIVESTRONG will see money being donated to the LIVESTRONG project to fight the battle against cancer. Now, that’s pretty cool and I haven’t even gotten to the sunscreen itself yet!

What are the ingredients used for the thinksport sunscreen with spf50+? In the thinksport sunscreen with spf50+, zinc oxide 20% (non-nano) is the active ingredient. Now, if you’ve heard about nano particles, let it be known that thinksport intentionally chose to stick with the regular size zinc oxide and if you visit their website you’ll understand why.

In terms of inactive ingredients for the thinksport sunscreen with spf50+, you’ll find purified water, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, capric caprylic triglycerides, sorbitan stearate (coconut based), pine wood resin, vegetable glycerin, dimethicone, hydrogenated castor oil, magnesium sulfate (epsom salt), sunflower oil, jojoba oil, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), tocopherols (vitamin e), olive oil, raspberry seed oil, cranberry seed oil, hyaluronic acid (made from vegetable), papaya (natural fragrance). Now, again, I’m no chemist but this list sure reads a lot better than the ones I’ve read on the common drug store sunscreen.

Product review: thinksport sunscreen SPF 50+ benefiting LIVESTRONG – does it work?

Does the thinksport sunscreen with spf50+ work well? Well, my local health food store said that this thinksport sunscreen with spf50+ was so well made and so soothing on skin that I could do without my daily moisturizer. They recommended that I wash my face and apply the thinksport sunscreen with spf50+ on my skin. I could then apply my makeup on top of the thinksport sunscreen with spf50+ and they said I shouldn’t have any problem with it.

So, that’s what I did and I tried it on 3 different occasions. I tried it on an okay day when it wasn’t too hot out and it wasn’t too humid. I tried using the thinksport sunscreen SPF 50+ benefiting LIVESTRONG on a day that was warmer and a bit more humid and then I tried it on a super hot and humid day.

I have to say, I was quite impressed at how well the thinksport sunscreen SPF 50+ benefiting LIVESTRONG felt on my skin. I was half expecting my skin to feel trapped and might even suffocate under all that sunscreen and makeup but I honestly was pleasantly surprised. Given that the thinksport sunscreen SPF 50+ benefiting LIVESTRONG is a physical sunscreen, I couldn’t really see it on my face after I applied and rubbed it in. My skin had more of a dusted on, powdered look which my makeup quickly covered without looking like I had a ton of makeup on. In fact, I could almost swear that the thinksport sunscreen SPF 50+ benefiting LIVESTRONG almost acted like a primer for my face since I seemed to have a more even skin tone with it on my face! So, that was an added bonus! The thinksport sunscreen with SPF50+ also had a really nice light scent to it and wasn’t in any way overpowering or icky to have so close to my face.

I went to work for the first time with sunscreen and makeup on my face and I didn’t feel caked on. My makeup and my face held up for all three days and I even asked colleagues if they noticed anything different about me on all three occasions. No one noticed anything different. I looked like the same old me and no one said I looked chalky. I didn’t look excessively greasy or yucky and on that super hot day, I certainly didn’t feel like I was suffocating. My skin seemed to be breathing the same way it always did. On days that I got a little greasy looking, I simply applied the MAC blot powder and continued on my merry way and all was good again.

I cannot emphasize how good my face felt on all 3 days.


Take a moment to visit the thinksport website and you’ll quickly learn about all the goodies that are in this thinksport sunscreen SPF 50+ benefiting LIVESTRONG. Amongst other things, you know this thinksport sunscreen SPF 50+ benefiting LIVESTRONG has a good solid ingredient list that isn’t laced with a bunch of nasty chemicals. The thinksport sunscreen SPF 50+ benefiting LIVESTRONG will give you UVA and UVB protection and because it’s a physical sunscreen, it’ll start to work as soon as you put it on your skin. It’s apparently very water resistant with the highest level of water resistance as deemed by the FDA (which isn’t a big deal for me since I’m not much for all that water fun stuff but hey, this is important for a lot of you guys!).

I particularly love that the thinksport sunscreen SPF 50+ benefiting LIVESTRONG is paraben-free and PABA free and that thinksport were very thoughtful and took extra steps to make sure that their packaging does not contain BPA, vinyl, or phthalates. Thank you thinksport for being such holistic thinkers!!

So, if you haven’t yet decided on a sunscreen for the summer or maybe you have but you know your body deserves something cleaner, I would highly recommend that you try out this thinksport sunscreen SPF 50+ benefiting LIVESTRONG. It is well worth the higher cost than the generic store brand sunscreens that are laced with chemicals galore. Yes, I know money is tight and it’s tight for all families regardless of how much money you have but this one bottle will probably last you the whole summer and for me, peace of mind and a clear conscience compels to me to make a wiser choice for my body. You see, all those coffees that I now bring from home saves me more than enough money to afford this thinksport sunscreen SPF 50+ benefiting LIVESTRONG!

A quick note to thinksport: thank you for being the kind of company that tries to make a positive difference in this world. Without companies like yours, I am blatantly aware of the stronghold the big brands would have on consumers’ choice. Kudos to you for giving us informed consumers something good and wholesome to use!

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