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May 18, 2012

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Do you have a sore throat? Do you wish you had other options to ease that sore throat of yours? Recently, I came across Herbon Rockhoppers Echinacea Cough and Sore Throat Drops at my local pharmacy. The snowboarding penguin immediately caught my attention. After that, the ‘all naturally sourced active ingredients’ tag on the bag intrigued me even more. Result: a product review for Herbon Rockhoppers Echinacea Cough and Sore Throat Drops for Cost for us: $2.99. The question I wanted to answer for this product review site is: Would these more natural cough and sore throat lozenges work as well as the mainstream brands that everyone knows?

Product Review: Herbon Rockhoppers Echinacea Cough and Sore Throat Drops

I picked up a pack of the Wild Cherry Herbal Berry Rockhoppers and a quick visit to the Herbon site reveals that there apparently is also a chocomint flavour which wasn’t available at my pharmacy. Each package contains 20 lozenges and Herbon claims they contain all naturally sourced active ingredients. For $2.99, this seemed to be a pretty reasonable deal especially since the other more conventional brands were about the same price. Mind you, the Rockhoppers were on sale so this is one of those cases where the healthier alternative is actually cheaper than the ‘other’ brands. These Rockhoppers lozenges are supposed to give ‘temporary relief of cough and sore throat’ and helps to ‘ease nasal congestion’ (that’s what it says on the bag).

Here is a photo I took of the ingredient list for these Herbon Rockhoppers lozenges. What is important to note is that the ingredient list isn’t long and most of it you can pronounce. Medicinal ingredients for these Wild Cherry Herbal Berry Rockhoppers lozenges include Echinacea and menthol. The non-medicinal ingredients include cherry and herbal berry as the natural flavours, carmine and elderberry for the colouring, citric acid, corn syrup, and sugar as the last ingredient. Yep, there’s corn syrup and sugar but they are the last two on the ingredient and at least it’s not aspartame. The instructions are also quite specific about how many lozenges you can have depending on your age (adolescents vs. adults and adolescents 14 years and older).

Product Review: all this talk but do these Herbon Rockhoppers lozenges actually work?

It’s hard to know if something works unless you actually have a sore throat or cough so I have to admit that I purchased these Wild Cherry Herbal Berry Rockhoppers lozenges a while ago but had to wait until I had a sore throat to test them out.

I open the pouch and discover individually wrapped lozenges with the signature penguin design which I found super cool and fun. With my sore throat, I appreciated the little added extra touch that cheered me on to ‘get well soon’. Even adults like cartoon designs ;).

Now for the taste test. I’m impressed. These Herbon Rockhoppers lozenges are dime size  and taste pretty good and the menthol is just enough to send a tickle down my throat, up my nose, and even in my chest. By no means is it as strong as Halls or Vicks which I find a tad too overpowering and they aren’t as sweet as the Ricola brands. These wild cherry Rockhoppers had a good kick of menthol that I found really helped to open up my sinuses. My throat felt soothed and calmed and there was no aspartame type lingering aftertaste. Overall, I think these Wild Cherry Herbal Berry Rockhoppers did their job without all that extra added junky ingredients.


The more products I test for, the more puzzled I become about choices companies make. Honestly, if Herbon can make Rockhoppers with a limited list of ingredients that aren’t vile and loaded, why can’t other companies do the same? Because it’s something going into my body, I would gladly pay more for a well made quality product and that goes for sore throat lozenges too so thank you Herbon for giving consumers a more natural alternative! Yes, I would buy these Rockhoppers again!

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