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Mar 11, 2013

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This is Jenna reporting live for It’s now March 11, 2013 and our family has officially been cooking with the Paderno Nature Trust pan for a week. Again, special thank you to Paderno for sending this our way to test before its official launch on March 20th! We made omelettes, we pan fried chicken, and ….. Here is how the Paderno Nature Trust pan is holding up, one week into our cooking adventure.

Product Review: How is the Paderno NatureTrust pan 1 week later?

At the time of this post, my hubby ventured willingly into cooking with the Paderno Nature Trust pan. This is a huge step forward for Paderno. If you’ll recall my previous posts at, you’ll know that the hubby has a hate-hate relationship with our old Paderno eco pan. I seemed to be the sole defender of that poor Paderno eco pan. It got to the point where he wanted to throw it out the window but I still loved it because it made fabulous omelettes and French toast. Well, wonderful folks, this time, he picked up the Paderno Nature Trust pan all by himself, intrigued by the 18/10 solid stainless steel construction with the ceramic non-stick coating.

All of a sudden, the smell of pan fried chicken is permeating through the home. I go to the kitchen and there’s the hubby at the stove top with the Paderno Nature Trust pan and it took me a while to process what was happening. Evilly, the hubby says, “Now we’re going to put it through the test.” This is an inside joke in our home because the entire family is convinced that he destroys everything.

Like me, the hubby also tempered the Paderno Nature Trust pan at a medium heat and then put in a minimal amount of grape seed oil. Chicken breast went in and he continued to let it cook at that medium heat. As you can see, the Paderno Nature Trust pan does get a little messy from the cooking process but clean up, according to the husband, was a breeze.

After the Paderno Nature Trust pan cooled, the hubby rinsed it with water, added a bit of soap, and used a soft nonabrasive sponge to wash and it was a done deal! So, what does the husband think of this new Paderno Nature Trust pan? “So far so good,” he replies, “but a few more months to go before I’m convinced.”

ur omelettes, again cooked on stove top with a medium heat, have also turned out beautifully. All the cheese in the omelettes safely made their way to our plates with nothing left to scrub on the Paderno Nature Trust pan.

Although this new Paderno Nature Trust pan is also oven safe up to 625F, I have yet to test out this feature since I rarely turn on the oven (hello, non-baker remember? It also means I rarely turn on the oven for anything else unless we decide to make our own homemade sweet potato fries).


One week in and I’m still loving the Paderno Nature Trust pan but then again, readers might figure I’m easy to please given that I still love my Paderno eco pan. The husband likes it and is impressed so far. He also likes the sturdy weight of the Paderno Nature Trust pan (definitely has more girth than our old Paderno Eco pan).

Those of you looking for a ceramic coated non-stick pan will appreciate that the Paderno Nature Trust pan is PFOA and PTFE Free. Visit the Paderno website and you’ll get more details on how this Paderno Nature Trust pan was cleanly made. According to the Paderno website, here’s another neat tid bit about the Paderno Nature Trust pan and I quote “Paderno is working with Trees in Trust programs across Canada, donating a portion of every sale to preserving Canadian trees, wildlife and help reduce CO2 and global warming forever.” That, my fellow folks, is pretty cool.

Dearest Paderno, I know you guys took a pretty big verbal beating from some of your customers who had your Paderno Eco pan so kudos to you for trying to improve your existing system with something bigger and better. I’ll continue to give regular updates on the Paderno NatureTrust pan and how it’s holding up in my home. If you also got your hands on a Paderno Nature Trust pan, let us know how yours is doing!


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