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Jun 4, 2011

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If you have children, chances are you’ll have cutesy kid’s bandages at home. Well, my home does. I’ve got different colours and different styles but one common complaint I have is that they usually don’t stay on as long as I need them to. I put on a bandage in the morning before school starts and by the time she comes home, it’s long gone or it’s hanging on by one sticky string. Enter the Nexcare brand of bandages.
Nexcare bandages were recently on sale at my local grocery store so like a diligent shopper, I stopped to read about the product, see what its features are and what it is supposed to do. Since I have nothing to lose, I decided to buy a pack of its Nexcare Tattoo waterproof bandages with the Hot Wheels (yes, the toy Hot Wheels) design. My kid likes cars so she agreed to try them out when the occasion arises.

Product review: What happened?

Nexcare tattoo bandages – notice the rounded curves and papered sides!

When you first open the box, you discover there are 2 different sizes of bandages – one for smaller cuts (or boo boos, or owies, or oh ohs depending on what you call them) and one that is slightly bigger. The first thing I also noticed is that like the box illustrated, they are a very different shape than the traditional rectangular bandage (or the fancy little dot circle bandages). I can’t describe the shape so I’ll just include the photo so you can see for yourself! The entire bandage is transparent minus the little Hot Wheels image in the middle, thus giving its signature ‘tattoo’ name. Like other bandages, there’s also the white padding that goes on top of the ‘boo boo’. Now, fair warning – the white padding is significantly smaller than the average rectangle bandage so this style certainly would not be suitable for any big knee scrapes or cuts unless you overlapped a bunch of them.
I quickly learn that the Nexcare tattoo waterproof bandages aren’t easy to put on. The first time you do it, it’s a little tricky. After peeling off the individual bandage wrapper, the sticky side of the Nexcare tattoo waterproof bandage becomes exposed and the non-sticky side has a little white trim around its edges. The white trim is the part you hold on to, to affix the bandage ‘just so’ on top of the ‘boo boo’.  Then, like all temporary tattoos, you slowly peel off the little white trim to secure all the edges of the bandage around the ‘boo boo’ thus creating its waterproof seal.

My Kid’s Review on the Nexcare waterproof bandages:

Q: Tell me about the Nexcare Hot Wheels waterproof bandages.
A: “I like them because they stick on very well. You have to rip, it’s a little bit different. Most bandages give you wrinkles when you take them off. This one gives you wrinkles too.”
Q: How well do the Nexcare bandages protect your finger when you have a cut?
A: “It protects my finger well because it sticks well and right now I have a cut.”
Q: When you wear it, how does the bandage feel?
A: “It feels a little bit sticky and when you wash your hands it feels well but it’s waterproof.”
Q: How do you know it’s waterproof?
A: “Because the wrapper says waterproof.”
Q: But, how does your finger feel to tell you that it really works and is waterproof?
A: “Because when you wash your hands it sticks and in the inside, it’s dry.”
Q: Would you wear this bandage again?
A: “Yeah!”
Q: Do you like it when mommy interviews you?
A: “Yeah!”
Q: Why?
A: “Because I like it when you write down stuff and you give me questions. I like when you put the Q and A, Q and A!”


Now, I have to say, these Nexcare tattoo waterproof bandages are the coolest bandages I’ve seen in a long time. When you get that bandage on and you do it right, it creates a really solid waterproof seal around your child’s cut and prevent germs and bacteria from crawling into the broken skin. It’s the first bandage I’ve come across that has stayed on my child and I now make sure I use them especially for those high activity school days when she’s got a particularly nasty cut that I need to protect.
Are there are downfalls to the Nexcare tattoo waterproof bandage? Of course there are, what product is perfect? For starters, the sizes of the bandages limit their use. They’re great for those little problem cuts in awkward places that children seem to get and they stayed on long enough before a second dressing was needed. But, what are parents supposed to use when the child has a bigger cut, you know those knee scrapes during soccer practice or outdoor track and field? I mean, cement is not the most forgiving surface.
I also don’t care for the images on the Nexcare tattoo waterproof bandages. The ones I purchased were of the Hot Wheels design because that was all the store carried (they had other Nexcare products, just not any more styles of Nexcare tattoos to choose from). When you go through the Hot Wheels designs however, aside from the different styled out cars, the smaller bandages also feature a flaming wheel (okay, I get that one) but a flaming skull? Really?? Why, as a parent, would I want my child to wear a flaming skull? Luckily, when my daughter first saw it, she thought it was a gorilla so she was quite happy to wear it and when I later said I thought it was a skull she didn’t mind either but there are some families who may not be too impressed with this design and will be left with unused bandages = waste of money. After all, there was only 20 in a pack. Now, I visited the Nexcare website and it looks like there are happy face ones as well, but I have yet to see that style in my local pharmacy or grocery store and I live in a pretty big city…so…I’m still waiting!
Having said all of that, will I buy them again? ABSOLUTELY. Honestly, I was impressed enough with the waterproof protection that I would purchase it again despite its finicky application method and awful designs. I’m just crossing my fingers I can find the happy face ones soon!

24 comments on “Nexcare Tattoo Waterproof Bandages – protect that cut!”

  1. Bonnie says:

    My dad got those for my daughter one time, she heard tattoo and had to wear one immediately despite not having any cuts. He was able to find Disney Princess ones.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you for your comment! I’ve never seen the Disney Princess Nexcare Tattoo bandages!! The Nexcare website also shows the happy face designs but all I’ve ever seen at my local pharmacy and supermarkets are the Hotwheels design. I’m ready for a different style so I’ll be on the lookout for those Disney Princess ones! Thanks for the update! Hope you visit our site again! From the family at

  2. Michele says:

    These are awesome! We have used them for years. I have all sorts of them. From spiders and bugs to animals and princesses. They really do work well. Not just for kids but adults also. You may get funny looks when you have a tattoo band-aid on. But it really does keep the germs out. I have found that if you put neosporin on the white pad and then put it on the cut it sticks better because you don’t have to try to guess where to apply the neosporin on the cut or owie. They are awesome!! We use them all the time.

    1. admin says:

      Hello Michele, agreed! We usually use Polysporin on our cuts and scrapes and yes, I’ve used the Nexcare tattoo waterproof bandages as well. It does look odd to wear a skull tattoo to work but sadly, I haven’t found any other Nexcare tattoo waterproof bandages beyond the Hot Wheels style. I have yet to come across any bugs, animals or princesses. It’s not like I live under a rock! I think the local pharmacy needs to get a move on and bring in some more of the Nexcare tattoo waterproof bandages. I’d be happy for just plain old colours too! Hope you’ll visit our site again soon! From the family at

  3. Pat says:

    Have used Nexcare for a few years now. There ARE different sizes and they do very well when placed properly. I prefer over any other bandage for waterproofing. I had a box of tattoo bandages when they 1st came out and had a bug bite (that I scratched)and needed to cover. I went to an amusement park the next day. One of the carnies thought I had a real tattoo on because it looked so real. I was in water most of the day and when I got home it was still there, still completely attached and still dry underneath. I have been a nexcare fan since they were out and hope they hang around. I use coupons when I buy them and if on sale I try to buy more than 1. I also try to make sure I have all sizes in stock. To those big knee scrapes from athletics, there are no actual bandages that will work. Get gauze pads and lots of antibacterial ointment and adhesive tape. Then wrap with ace bandages so your kids look cool because of scrapes. It’s called being a parent and finding a solution. Thank you Nexcare for a great product.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you for your comment and great ideas! I have yet to explore the many different Nexcare products. I’m just so grateful that Nexcare made these waterproof tattoo bandages. My daughter’s worn them to school for water play days and when she comes home, her cut is still well protected. Now, if only my local pharmacy could carry a few other styles so I’d have more options! Hope you’ll visit our site again so we can continue this conversation. From the family at

  4. Baby says:

    I know this is simply not actually the location however i simply wanted to express that you have an amazing weblog and each publish has been something to find out.

    1. admin says:

      Hello and thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed my product review on the Nexcare Tattoo Waterproof Bandages. The Nexcare Tattoo Waterproof Bandages are my current favourite bandages to use on my daughter whenever she needs a cut that needs extra special attention. Sometimes, it’s that aggravating cut that is in the worst place possible and no other bandage will stay put: that’s when I know for sure that I can go and run to the Nexcare Tattoo Waterproof Bandages. It’s amazing how well they work. I just wish there were more colour/design options available at my local pharmacy! Hope you visit our site again soon! From the family at:

  5. Nicklas says:

    good article, very insightful. I like it in deed. I come acoss your website by Bing search engine. I would visit your site frequently and forward it to my schoolmates. Please keep it updated. Keep on the good work. – A techie

    1. admin says:

      Hello there and thanks for the comment. I’d have to say that Nexcare bandages are my current favourite first aid product to use. The Nexcare bandages stay on, they’re comfortable, and the Nexcare waterproof bandages really do work so long as you’re patient enough to put them on! Hope you’ll visit again soon! From the family at

  6. Weatherly says:

    Straight to the point, i love it. Dont let anyone stop us bloggers.

    1. admin says:

      Hello there, glad you liked my product review on the Nexcare bandages. Now, if only there could be more designs from Nexcare so I can have access to more than just the current Hot Wheels Nexcare waterproof bandages! Let me know if you try them. Hope you’ll visit us again soon! From the family at:

  7. Ben says:

    Your place is valueble for me. Thanks!…

    1. admin says:

      Hello there and thank you for your comment! It’s hard to find a bandage that works so Nexcare is my current favourite! I hope you’ll visit our site again for the latest product reviews and updates, all with families in mind. After all, that’s one of the things we do! From the family at:

  8. Blogi says:

    I run my own blogand I came here by mistake. I read your entries and I found that they’re ok! I want to use them on my site. I want do that without your permission, so say OK. I’m greeting warmly.

    1. admin says:

      Hello and thank you for the comment! I am flattered that you are interested in the content of our site. However, please keep in mind that all materials and content on belongs to us and consent has NOT been given for the posting of our content anywhere else. Really, it is just better this way so we can all practice ethical posting. Of course, you are more than welcome to add a link to your site to this article but let’s have the rest of my content stay on this site. Thank you! From the family at

  9. Doneh says:

    Some genuinely select content on this web site, saved to fav.

    1. admin says:

      Hello and thank you so much for your comment! Here at, we try our best to give our readers some fun and informative content to read. We still use the Nexcare tattoo bandages often and they work like a charm! Hope you’ll visit our site again. We try to update daily! From the family at:

  10. Alanna says:

    I love your blog!

    1. admin says:

      Hello and thank you for the comment! That is very generous of you Alanna! We certainly try our best to give our readers some fun and informative content to read. You know, these Nexcare tattoo waterproof bandages really are handy. Hope you’ll visit our site again. We try to update daily so be sure to visit often! From the family at

  11. Caitlyn says:

    Hi, I can’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please 🙂

    1. admin says:

      Hi Caitlyn, thanks so much for expressing interest in adding to your rss reader. I have no clue how to do it technically speaking but if you click on the link to the right of the articles (in the side bar), that should help get the process started! Hope you’ll visit our site again soon! From the family at:

  12. Cindy says:

    I’m happy to read your blog

    1. admin says:

      Hi Cindy, thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad you enjoy reading our product review site! Here at, we try our best to give our readers quality reviews about products that we’ve tested. These Nexcare Tattoo waterproof bandages are awesome and continue to hold up in our home. Let me know if you try them too and we hope to see you again on our site soon. From the family at

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