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May 21, 2011

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Let’s be honest with one another: my skin is not in the best shape. I think I have combination skin but no major break outs (knock on wood) but I’m too lazy to go get facials done, I don’t go to the spa, and I certainly don’t exfoliate or do all those fantastic things that I should be doing to make my skin better. I’d also rather spend time with my family. I’m just lazy and I’ll do what’s needed to make me look presentable when I leave the house. But, my first choice would be to kick back in comfy clothes and just hang out.
Enter MAC Select Cover Up, a liquid concealer. I’ve been using MAC for ages now but have never used their liquid concealers before. Apparently, it’s better for my skin said the MAC makeup artist when I went to my nearest MAC store (can’t remember why. I think it’s because it’s easier to apply or shows less wrinkles?). She found me the ideal shade for my skin (which I love that MAC is wiling to do that for me) and took it home.

Product review: What happened?

I think I’ve mastered my morning face routine. I wash my face, apply eye cream, blend my foundation with my facial lotion and apply to my face. Then, I go for the concealer and dust off with powder to set. Apply whatever eye makeup I’m into that morning, add blush, and done. Quick, professional and easy. I usually go from zombie to human in less than 10 minutes.
I substituted my block cream concealer for the MAC Select Cover Up liquid concealer and found it to be much smoother and creamier. It glided onto my skin more easily because of that (translation: less tugging would probably lead to less wrinkles in the long run). Coverage was really good. I applied the liquid concealer to my problem areas (under my eyes, around the nose – allergy season is NOT my friend, and occasional blemish areas on my face) and then carried out the rest of my makeup regimen. It didn’t seem to impact the longevity of my eye makeup so that was a good thing. No noticeable creasing because of its more liquid consistency. However, over the past week that I’ve been doing this, I do sometimes feel that my face seems a little heavier than usual which I wonder if it may be due to the creamier consistency of the liquid concealer. I didn’t have that feeling when I used my original block concealer which seemed to give me the same coverage but not the extra weight of a liquid concealer.


Will I buy this product again? Yes. It matched my skin tone perfectly and gave me really good coverage. I’d probably use it for the colder months or for when my skin feels drier just so that I have that feeling of extra protection should my face decide to crack in half. Now, I have no clue if that’s good for my skin since I’m not a makeup artist but that seems to make sense to me.

4 comments on “MAC Select Cover Up – concealer for my facial sins”

  1. Sol says:

    You have some great ideas! Maybe we ought to contemplate about trying this myself.

    1. admin says:

      Hello and thanks for visiting our product review site. I’m glad you enjoyed my product review on MAC Select Cover up – what an awesome concealer it is. Now that you’ve been on our site, we hope to see you here more often! From the family at

  2. Bac says:

    Dang i thought your blog was killer, gave me a car load of information, i never knew, thanks blogger.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you, how kind! I’m glad you enjoyed my product review on the MAC Select Cover Up concealer. Honestly, I looked like a dog’s leftover meal today and you’d be surprised what a difference this MAC Select Cover Up concealer did to hide the dark circles. Makes me look half human! 🙂 Please visit us again! From the family at

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