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May 25, 2011

Do you ever get bored of eating the same old thing for breakfast? I do, believe me, I do but sometimes I decide to be innovative and try new foods for breakfast, just to see how it would work out. Well, let me introduce you to Luisa’s Delicioso Layered Fiesta Dip. Now, for the record, I’m perfectly aware that this is designed to be a ‘let me dip my nacho into this dip’ kind of dip. But, I decided to take this to the next creative level and did the ‘let me see if this will taste good for breakfast on toasted pita/bread/something’. I purchased the mild dip it at my local grocery store.

Product review: What happened?

The day after I purchased it, I ate it for breakfast on top of a well toasted bagel (notice the similarities to the friendly nacho chip?). I scooped a good helping out of the container and made sure to include each layer onto my bagel.
First thing I noticed is that the lid is incredibly hard to open which is a good thing, I guess, because it means your food is securely stuck inside the tub. But, it doesn’t exactly speed up morning breakfast especially when my hands are still asleep (just like the rest of my body).
Next thing I noticed was the sprinkled cheese on top – it was sparse and aside from adding a different colour to the dip, it did nothing for the dip. There was so little sprinkled cheese that from a gimmick perspective, you could call it another ‘layer’ in your dip but really, it was more like an afterthought.
As for flavour, I certainly welcomed it to my breakfast meal as something new that even had a little protein given its bean layer.  But, I’ve made better layered dips myself back in the day when I had more time to spare and I’ve tasted other brands that are more robust in flavour and I don’t just mean in terms of heat. The complexities of the dip that I would have expected given that it is a layered dip were noticeably absent.


Would I buy Luisa’s Delicioso Layered Fiesta Dip again? Probably not. For starters, it was an imported product. I admit it, I read the label wrong. I read a local address but it turns out that the local address imports the dip. So, then I have to ask myself: is it really that good that it’s worth the time and distance on the road to get to my home? No.
It also wasn’t exactly affordable. I’m not sure how much it will be at your local grocery store but for the price I paid, I expected more flavour and depth in the dip beyond the heat/spicy tingle.  Honestly, I don’t think it would have even made a difference if I had paired the dip with nacho chips.
How can I best describe it? I told my husband that after eating it, I felt like I had eaten nothing. There just wasn’t a lingering memory of it for me and when food is forgettable, that can’t be a good thing.

28 comments on “Luisa’s Delicioso Layered Fiesta Dip Mild – *shoulder shrug*”

  1. ivory & ivory says:

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    1. admin says:

      Hello there! Thank you for visiting my product review blog. I’m glad you enjoyed my food review on Luisa’s mild Delicioso Layered Fiesta Dip. Honesty is key when I do my reviews but it really is only my opinion. Hope you come back and visit us again! From the family at

  2. sportster says:

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    1. admin says:

      Hello there! I’m glad you enjoyed my food review on Luisa’s Mild Delicioso Layered Fiesta Dip. It’s probably the last time I’ll ever buy it so it’s important for me to share my opinion with other like minded consumers. Hope you come back and visit us again! From the family at

  3. Trivikram says:

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    1. admin says:

      Hello and thanks for visiting our product review site. I’m glad you enjoyed my food review on Luisa’s Delicioso Layered Fiesta Mild Dip. While I wasn’t a big fan of the product, who knows what others will think but honesty is key. Now that you’ve been on our site, we hope to see you here more often! From the family at

  4. carda says:

    Hey mate! I really value what you’re doing here. Keep posting that way.

    1. admin says:

      Hello and thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed my food review on Luisa’s Delicioso Layered Fiesta Mild Dip. Unfortunately, it’s not on my top 10 list but again, taste buds vary from person to person. One thing I try to do on this website is be professionally honest to the best of my consumer ability. I can only speak from my family’s point of view but I’m glad you found the food review useful! Hope you’ll visit us again soon. From the family at:

  5. Alfred says:

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    1. admin says:

      Hello Alfred and thank you for the comment. I’m glad you found my food review on the Luisa’s Layered dip interesting and worth a read. Unfortunately, the dip did not live up to my expectations but different people like different things! Hope you’ll visit us again soon! From the family at:

  6. Myda says:

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    1. admin says:

      Hello there and thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed my food review on the Luisa’s Delicioso Layered Fiesta Dip. Sadly, I wasn’t too inspired by the product so I hope that perhaps, this might save you a few dollars when you next go to the grocery store. After all, sharing good food with people you know is important! Hope you’ll visit our site again soon. From the family at:

  7. Tom says:

    WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait ..

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad you liked my food review on the Luisa’s Delicioso dip. For me, the dip wasn’t spectacular so at least you now have one new opinion about it before you go do your grocery shopping! Hope you visit our site again soon! From the family at:

  8. Tom says:

    Wow, fantastic blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your site is great, let alone the content!

    1. admin says:

      Hello Tom and thank you for visiting our site at We haven’t been blogging for long but greatly enjoy the ability of sharing our product reviews with others. We try to be as honest as possible while still maintaining a high level of professionalism. Building a community of informed consumers is important! We hope you’ll continue to visit our site for the latest updates and blog reviews. From the family at:

  9. Sara says:

    I agree. This was completely disgusting. It tasted like nothing and felt like it was loaded with artificial flavour. The sour cream was gross and not enough cheese. The guac did not even taste like avocado. I can’t believe it was $7. There are so many better products out there – I don’t know how this is even out in the market????? Do not buy!!!

    1. admin says:

      Hi Sara, thanks so much for your comment. Great minds think alike because I know what I tasted when I had that Luisa’s Delicioso layered fiesta dip. They say it’s delicious but that is so the opposite of what the reality is. If they want to stay on the market, it would advisable if they re-visited how they make this dip. I agree with you on all accounts. Until they fix it and change it and make it better, I’m not buying it anytime soon. Hope you’ll visit our site again in the future. From the family at:

  10. ruby says:

    bought this dip as well… its cheese flavoured shreds… very artificial tasting. just a bad quality dip. im glad i wasn’t the only one that felt this way! i too was fooled by the local label!

    1. admin says:

      Hi Ruby, thank you so much for your comment about the Luisa’s Delicioso Layered fiesta dip. I was in the dip aisle this weekend and looked at the Luisa’s dip sitting there on the shelf and I just don’t understand why it has to taste so completely tasteless. I mean, all those ingredients taste great usually. Combine them and you should technically have a winnner of a dip so Luisa’s obviously is doing something different during the processing of those ingredients. Subpar quality of ingredients maybe? I have no idea but they need to change the recipe or that dip is not going to be at my grocery store much longer. After all, an unhappy consumer is only going to be fooled once. Hope you’ll come back and visit our site again soon and thanks again for the comment! From the family at

  11. Angeline says:

    This is my sixth time to your blog, I love it every time!

    1. admin says:

      Hello Angeline and thank you so much for all the repeat visits to our site. Here at, we try our best to provide product reviews for our readers. After all, money is always tight and so it’s always good to make informed consumer decisions. Our family were not big fans of the Luisa’s Delicioso layered fiesta dip. It lacked flavour and the texture was just off. It hasn’t come back to our home. It’s not something we would normally buy and it’s definitely not going to make it back in our home ever again. Let us know if you try any good dips! Hope you’ll visit us again soon. From the family at:

  12. JoeS says:

    I bought that dip the other night and thought it was terrible.
    I’m in the process of going to every website that mentioned it and sharing my opinion of how it tastes.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Joe, thank you so much for your comment. This Luisa’s Delicioso dip is the exact opposite of how you think it’ll taste. It looks promisng when in fact, it’s an absolute flop. Hopefully more people will read this post and read your feedback so they can avoid this dip at all costs! Hope you’ll visit us again soon. From the family at:

  13. DeAnna says:

    boy o boy !!! I LOVE IT !!! THis IS amazing Dip !!! Can’t believe you people who don’t like it . yumm

    1. admin says:

      Hi DeAnna, thanks for your comment! This is the perfect example to showcase the differences of our taste buds. I’m glad you liked it but I just wished there was more cheese on top or maybe a sharper cheese? Not sure. I haven’t tried it since but good to know that others are enjoying Luisa’s Delcioso Layered Fiesta Dip. Actually, do you eat the mild one or have you tried the medium/spicier versions? I’m not one for spicy dips (can’t handle it) but am wondering if the flavour profile is more intense and zesty if I were to adventure beyond the mild dip? Let me know when you have a moment! Jenna from

  14. frigginpeachy says:

    I was searching on the internet about Luisa’s 5 layered dip and found this really great blog, thank you. The dip looks good but that is as good as it gets. My opinion, the dip tasted sour bad nasty sour and not sour from the sour cream. I couldn’t tell if it came from the guacamole or the black beans, the sour taste just got worse and there was no other flavors. Major disappointment.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for your comment! This was one of my earlier product reviews and I was so disappointed by Luisa’s 5 layered dip. You’d think by now they’d try to fix what’s wrong. Guess NOT. If they were smart, they’d change it because goodness knows I’ve told enough people and I’m obviously not the only one that’s upset by it. I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s just off in more ways than one.
      Thanks again for commenting! Jenna,

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