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Jan 3, 2013

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This product review is a long time coming. I often think about what we as human beings are doing to the environment and whenever possible, I try to make somewhat wiser choices for my family. Sure, wiser choices often come with a higher price tag and every family is pinched. So, I try to make those wiser choices where I think my dollar will stretch the farthest.

Enter Nature Clean Laundry Liquid. I purchased this bottle of Nature Clean Laundry Liquid in the lavender scent a while ago but it’s been in the lineup waiting for its turn to be tested. Finally, this bottle of Nature Clean Laundry Liquid in Lavender Fields scent made it to the front of the queue and I’ve been using it for the past 2 weeks on my kid’s clothes. Do you think it made a difference?

Product Review: What’s in the Nature Clean Laundry Liquid?

I’m no chemist and don’t know exactly how laundry detergent beyond the fact that laundry detergent is supposed to clean your clothes so you don’t smell like last week’s dinner. Since I’m reviewing the Nature Clean Laundry Liquid in its Lavender Fields scent, I figured I should at least visit their site to gain a deeper understanding of what I’d be testing.

For those of us who have sensitive skin or have family members with sensitive skin, the Nature Clean Laundry Liquid is hypoallergenic and it made with “any enzymes, Phosphates, EDTA & NTA (phosphate replacements which are environmentally hazardous), Chlorine Bleach, Synthetic Dyes & Perfumes, or Optical Brighteners.” (from their website, click here for more details)

The Nature Clean Laundry Liquid is designed to be low foaming (ie. don’t expect major suds) and is vegetable based from corn and palm kernel oil. According to Nature Clean, the Nature Clean Laundry Liquid is safe for infant clothing (awesome – cannot imagine using something harsh on newborn baby clothing). The Nature Clean Laundry Liquid is also apparently great for High Efficiency top and front loading machines so you’d only need about half the recommended amount for conventional machines. For this product test, I purchased a 1.8 L bottle which means it would technically last for 30 regular machine loads or 60 HE loads.

Here are the ingredients used in the Nature Clean Laundry Liquid in the Lavender fields scent from the Nature Clean site: water, decyl glucoside (plant derived mild cleaning agent), sodium citrate (plant derived water softener), cellulose gum, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil (pure essential oil), methylchloroisothiazolinone (prevents bacteria growth & keeps product fresh), methylisothiazolinone (prevents bacteria growth & keeps product fresh).

Product Test: Did the Nature Clean Laundry Liquid work?

For the past two weeks, I’ve been using the Nature Clean Laundry Liquid in the Lavender Fields scent on my daughter’s clothing. Given that she’s the youngest in the group, she also happens to have the most sensitive skin in the family so if anyone is going to have a reaction to the new laundry liquid, it would be her.

Did I notice a difference in her clothing? Well, there are certainly fewer suds in the washing machine but I expected as much. As time goes on, I’ve become more knowledgeable about the ingredients used in products to make suds and I realize that I don’t need suds to make my clothes clean especially if it means I’m leaving a bigger bad footprint on this good green Earth.

How did my daughter’s clothes turn out in the wash? Well, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that my kid’s clothes turned out just fine after using the Nature Clean Laundry Liquid. Two whole weeks of washing her clothes and she’s made no complaints, no skin irritations and she hasn’t noticed or made any comment about how her clothes smell.

How did her clothes smell? Well, it’s not like she walked around smelling like a bunch of lavender. Fresh out of the washing machine, I could smell a slight hint of lavender but after her clothes went into the dryer, they came out smelling like dried clothes (we don’t use any funny stuff in the dryer – that’s a whole other story).


Is the Nature Clean Laundry Liquid worth buying? I certainly think so. After using it for two weeks, I think the Nature Clean Laundry Liquid holds up well. It cleaned my kid’s clothing without any hiccups and I feel better knowing that I’m not dumping toxic chemicals down the drain. If it’s a bit expensive, I’d probably wait for the Nature Clean Laundry Liquid to go on sale and then stock up (my general rule of thumb).

Having said that, I do have one concern and that is the use of palm kernel oil. Depending on what you read, you get mixed reviews on it so I’m a bit on the fence here on that particular choice of ingredient. If anyone at Nature Clean is reading this, I’m wondering if you’ve thought of an alternative to palm kernel oil?

I guess it’s a toss-up and one that you as a consumer will have to make a decision on. Do you use a more standard generic laundry detergent that may be impacting the environment in its choice of ingredients or do you go for something a bit more natural like the Nature Clean Laundry Liquid which may also inadvertently be putting pressure on the environment in its decision to use palm kernel oil….hm….I think I’m going to send them an email about this and I’ll update you all when I get a response!


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For more details, visit the Nature Clean website by clicking here.

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