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Jun 15, 2011

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Klondike isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when I want ice cream. I’ll be honest and say I don’t think I’ve had a Klondike bar since I was a kid. But, just last week, my local market had them on sale. A box of 4 at under $4 was well worth a buy. I’m not going to tell you all the things that are in the ingredient list but let’s just say, this is one of those ‘eat in moderation’ treats but the good  news is, it is labeled ‘ice cream’ NOT ‘frozen dessert’. I also had no idea but Klondike is now part of the Good Humor-Breyers line of products so that gave me a good feeling. I figured, if I didn’t like the, well, I could handle the $4 loss. After all, my kid’s never had a Klondike bar so I figured it was the right price and the right weather to try it out.

Product review: What happened?

How many different ways can I say ‘wow’! It’s amazing that the flavour of the Klondike original ice cream bar is the same as I remembered it from my own childhood right down to the way the chocolate snaps when I bite into the Klondike bar. The ice cream is rich and perfectly vanilla and although the box indicates that the chocolate coating is now thicker, it still has the same snap when I bite into it, albeit a much louder snap. I don’t need a long winded post to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed my Klondike bar and devoured it before it started to melt too much.
My daughter is not a big chocolate fan. She doesn’t eat any of the Easter chocolate and she doesn’t go near the Halloween chocolates either. The only time she’ll remotely go near chocolate is if it’s on the outside of the vanilla ice cream that she needs to get to (and this is only in the last year that she’s decided to take this leap). Well, lovely folks, let me tell you, she demolished her Klondike bar, chocolate and all. It was the most adorable thing ever to see, not because she’s eating chocolate but because she’s enjoying something that she wouldn’t have gone near a year ago.


Will I buy Klondike ice cream bars again? Yes, but only if they’re on sale. It’s not that they’re not worth the full price. I’m sure they are but I’m just not that into ice cream that I’m willing to pay full price for it. The Klondike bar, as an ice cream bar, lived up to its extensive history and satisfied my craving for something cold and sweet. The Klondike bar was the perfect size for me and my kid ate almost all of hers. There’s now one left in the freezer and we have no idea who’s going to get it. My daughter has already laid claim to it but she’s willing to share with me. Now, that my friends, is real love.
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2 comments on “Eating a Klondike bar: as good as my childhood”

  1. Brandon says:

    This is a great post. Are you on any social networks? If so, I’d like to get connected so we can share some ideas. Let me know!

    1. admin says:

      Hello Brandon. Are we on any social media sites? Well, yes! We recently got a Twitter account so you can follow us at: @comeseewhatwedo for random tweets about deals that I stumble on or something else that might benefit parents. Let me know of you try the Klondike bars! They really did taste good but personally, I’ll probably only buy the Klondike bars when they’re on sale. Take care and we’ll see you soon! From the family at

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