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Oct 8, 2011

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For those of you who follow my daily blogs here at, I don’t think it’ll surprise any of you to know that shopping isn’t my favourite past time. I’m not your daily or weekly mall shopper. Whenever possible, I like to cut down on my travel time because I’d much rather hang out with my kid than mall hop. It’s just not me to browse. Why mention all of this now? Well, our family has been talking about getting a pepper mill for the longest time because my daughter has recently become more involved in the cooking process. She’ll help cook whenever she’s able, doing whichever parts are safe for her to do.
As a seasoning, I’d much rather her focus on pepper than on salt. She’s seen pepper mills at the different restaurants we go to and has mentioned that she’d like to get a pepper mill for home so that she could use it to. Thus, during a recent lunch hour walk, I went into a nearby kitchen store and noticed they had a huge section of pepper mills. The one you see is the one I decided to buy – a Trudeau pepper mill. Was it cheap? Nope, not really so what made me buy it?

Product review: What happened?

The kitchen store I went in to had a ton of different Trudeau pepper mills and apparently, they have a lifetime warranty. The Trudeau pepper mill I picked up wasn’t the cheapest and it certainly wasn’t the most expensive but I chose this particular pepper mill with a few specific criteria in mind.
First things first, I needed to know if it would grind pepper and the obvious answer is yes, of course. If it didn’t, I highly doubt Trudeau would be allowed to put it on the market. With that established, I then looked at how easy to operate it would be for little kid fingers and dexterity. This particular Trudeau pepper mill seemed the easiest one to use by far. All you have to do is hold the entire pepper mill still and turn the knob on the top clockwise to get fresh ground pepper. The fresh ground pepper drops right out and the process is done. There were a few other models that just didn’t seem as easy to operate.
Next, I had to consider how safe it would be for her to operate the pepper mill. This particular Trudeau pepper mill seemed relatively safe to operate. The black rim on the bottom is an easy way to remind little fingers to ‘keep your fingers above the black rim’. There is also a textural difference in the two sections so again, that would serve as an additional indicator should her fingers slip too low.
Last but not least, I chose this particular Trudeau pepper mill model because it was quite easy to turn the knob to grind the pepper. I wanted to make sure I chose a pepper mill that my child could operate independently to build confidence in her emerging culinary skills.
Like most other pepper mills, I also like the transparent nature of the pepper mill so that children can see the little peppercorns bouncing around as they grind fresh pepper into the cooking pot. More importantly, they have a more tangible way of seeing the amount of peppercorns slowly reducing as they continue to grind more pepper. Looks like hands on science to me!
On a functional and practical note: this Trudeau pepper mill works like a charm. It grinds the peppercorns easily and by turning the silver knob at the top of the pepper mill, you can determine how fine or coarse you want your pepper. Straightforward and simple at its best.


Without a doubt, although certainly pricier than a pepper shaker, there is something magical and thrilling about using freshly ground pepper. Food just somehow tastes better and we have no complaints about this Trudeau pepper mill. In fact, I would easily recommend it to other families especially if you have a budding chef in the family. When you click on the Trudeau website link above, it’ll take you to a variety of Trudeau pepper mills but for me, simple is best! And for that, I think it’s money well spent since I don’t plan to buy another one.
Let me end off this product review by stating the obvious even though by now you’re probably tired of hearing me say it. This product review on the Trudeau pepper mill is by and no one else. If you see this review anywhere else except on my site at, know that I have not consented to having any part of this product review (or this website for that matter), to be re-produced, copied, or re-printed anywhere else. It’s sad that I now have to be mindful of using such language to make sure others don’t just swipe away the material that I’ve so carefully typed up. I mean, after all, who’s the one coming up with all these opinions? Me, of course! Me, myself, and I here at thingsthatwedo dot com!
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