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Jul 6, 2011

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If you’ve been following my product review blog, you’ll know that I’ll be focusing on some more summer related items over the course of the next few months. After all, one thing that we do as a family is have fun in the sun but to do that, we have to practice sun safety. There is no fun if someone is suffering from a bad sunburn!
I went to my local natural products store in search of a new sunscreen for my daughter. Last year, she used one that was a physical block natural sunscreen, one that blocked the bad UVA and UVB rays on her skin’s surface. It worked like a charm but it made her look chalky white on most days and on really hot days, I worried if her skin was breathing enough or if I was only making her eczema worse. This year, I wanted the same UVA and UVB coverage but hoped to find something a bit more breathable.
Lo and behold: the value of product testing while you’re in the store. I came across Green Beaver Kids SPF 30 sunscreen, recommended by one of the ladies that works at the store. She said she liked it because it was natural and that the Green Beaver Kids SPF 30 sunscreen worked but wasn’t quite as chalky as some of the other products on the market. I tried it on my own skin and instantly noticed a difference compared to last year’s brand – much lighter in density but oilier so I decided I’d buy it and try it out on my daughter’s skin to see what would happen.

Product review: What happened?

Well, this weekend was the perfect time to try Green Beaver Kids SPF 30 sunscreen because of the sunny weather. We also planned an outdoor event so sun protection was a must. I opened the Green Beaver Kids SPF 30 sunscreen and started to apply it on her skin and noticed that it glided on really well and smoothly with an oily creamy consistency. You can tell she had sunscreen on but she was definitely not chalky white. Green Beaver Kids SPF 30 sunscreen uses 21% zinc oxide as its active ingredient.
Although Green Beaver Kids SPF 30 sunscreen is a sunscreen, it feels more like a lotion. Upon visiting the Green Beaver website, it actually lists the product as Green Beaver Certified organic SPF 30 Kids Body Lotion and that makes perfect sense. The larger packaging print calls it a sunscreen so this is the term I used but when you look at the weight of the product, it does say ’90 ml lotion’ in acknowledgement of its lighter creamier texture.
We stayed out almost all day but not always in the sun. We did re-apply the Green Beaver Kids SPF 30 sunscreen midway through the day once right before we went out into the open field to check out an open park event that we happened to stumble on.


Will I buy the Green Beaver Kids SPF 30 sunscreen again next year? Yes because I really liked its lighter weight consistency. Honestly, last year, there were times when I applied the other sunscreen that I was convinced I was overheating my child because her skin couldn’t breathe. So, this lighter weight sunscreen that still packs a punch really appeals to me.
When you read the packaging, Green Beaver Kids SPF 30 sunscreen says its non-whitening, waterproof, and fragrance free. Was it non-whitening? Yes. Was it waterproof? I have no idea since we didn’t go in the water. Was Green Beaver Kids SPF 30 sunscreen fragrance free? Yes. My daughter didn’t smell one way or another so that’s a good thing.
More importantly, I like that Green Beaver Kids SPF 30 sunscreen is certified organic and is a chemical free sunscreen.  There is just too much floating out there for me not to be mindful of what I put on my child. Is it a bit on the expensive side? Yes, but I also factor in how long my child is going to use this bottle of sunscreen. Like previous bottles of sunscreen, I usually have a ton left over for the next year so I’m sure this Green Beaver Kids SPF 30 sunscreen will also last for the duration of the summer and I might even have some left beyond that. When you factor all that in, it is money well spent for my peace of mind.
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